Hot town, summer in the city

I lived in Houston for eight years – I know “hot”; and this summer in Detroit is as miserable as Houston, most summers. Sure, the highs are not as high, but with all of the humidity 90-something here, it takes quite a toll. Keep in mind that folks in Houston know its going to be ridiculously hot each year – all of the homes have A/C. The house I live in now, was built roughly during the prohibition, and there was no such thing as “central air,” back then. I find myself, these days, thinking thoughts that are just wrong, like, “I can’t wait ’til it gets cooler…”

I don’t feel like I should complain too much though. Out in Arizona its a whole lot worse. I was looking at the Phoenix site; and “talking about the weather” is decidedly more than mere small talk these days; people are dropping like flys. I hope for their sake this heat wave gets it over with soon.

Hey Phoenix, stay cool, keep hydrated, be safe – I wish I could offer you guys some cooler weather instead of trite advise! It looks miserable down there. :(

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