Hoffa’s Disappearance: 35-years later

I don’t know about you, but I love a good conspiracy theory.

Thirty-five years ago today, Jimmy Hoffa was seen heading into the parking lot of the Machus Red Fox Restaurant in Bloomfield Hills and was never seen again.

Many believe that Hoffa’s “disappearance” was a premeditated event put together by Anthony Provenzano, a former officer of the New Jersey Teamsters Union, and Anthony Giacalone, the head of the Detroit mafia at the time. There is also evidence that Chuckie O’Brien – who was like a son to Hoffa – may have driven the car the former Teamster’s President was last seen alive in, but O’Brien has never admitted to any involvement with the disappearance. In 2001, DNA test results between a hair found in the car O’Brien was driving and one from Hoffa’s hair brush were confirmed a match.

Although nearly one hundred people testified during the investigation of the case, Hoffa’s body was never found, and Provenzano and Giacalone were never tried in the case because there wasn’t enough evidence.

In 2004, the biography of Frank Sheeran – also a former official of the Teamster’s Union – unveiled that Provenzano and Giacalone hadn’t killed Hoffa – he had. Sheeran’s book went on to say that if he hadn’t killed Hoffa, who was his friend, the mob would have. Although human blood was found where Sheeran said he had killed Hoffa, it was tested and did not match Hoffa’s.

Sheeran, Provenzano, and Giacalone are all dead. Hoffa’s body has never been found.

Was this just a case of disgruntled mobsters? Or was Sheeran trying to get Hoffa out of the way so he could run for President of the Teamster’s Union? Had O’Brien had enough of his mentor’s shenanigans? Or is Hoffa alive and secretly living in Brazil?

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