Four years ago…

On this day in 2001, my mom and I loaded up my pickup and began the journey to relocate me to Detroit. We took our time driving across New England, New York and Canada knowing full well our relationship was changing for good. No longer was I a young child, but a young adult going out into the world alone…and this child was going to be doing so in Detroit.

Moving 1000 miles away from my family was tough. I was adjusting to relocating for a new (and my first real) job in a place where I knew no one. Four years later, I can now admit I had only applied to the company in expectation of being rejected. After 6 months of job hunting and collecting rejection letters, I had decided to apply to every state figuring I could at least get rejected by every state. Never expected to get hired but I didn’t think twice when the offer was there.

Yesterday with Urban Tiki reminded me why I am still here. I have considered returning to Maine or New England many times, but I never do. There is just something about Detroit that holds me here. In a course of one day, you can visit a farmers market, an outdoor art installation, a pickup soccer game, a beautiful island park, a friend’s art show and so on. The funniest part is there are so many choices that somedays it is difficult to make a decision. I am never really bored, just somedays too lazy to make a choice.

I knew nothing about Detroit before I moved here. Never even considered it a possible city to live in. It has and continues to surprise me with the wonders below the harsh exterior. Almost reminds me of the kid trying to be a bad arse when really he is the kid next door kind.

On that note, you’ll find a couple Metblogging authors hanging around Cafe de Troit this morning/afternoon.

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