94 at any time of the day is not a good idea . . .

Friday night, as I was making my daily commute home along 94, I was rather annoyed when four motorcyclists raced past me at ludicrous speeds. Ten seconds later I saw the uniform brightening of tail lights of slowing vehicles in all lanes. My fear was confirmed as I approached the mass: one of the cyclists had crashed. Within a minute five cars had pulled over, the police had been called, an SUV blocked the motorcycle from oncoming traffic, I did the same for the path to the shoulder, four people moved the bike off the road, one guy cleared all the debris from the road, and everyone was relieved to see the driver had escaped without a scratch. I was shaken, but it wasn

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  1. mizjellybean (unregistered) on August 22nd, 2005 @ 9:52 pm

    What is up with these crazy motorcyclist. About a half a dozen or so went screeching past me a few weekends ago on I-75. I even saw one do a wheelie on the freeway this past year. I think they have some kind of date with death.

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