a special place in hell…

I know a lot of people that have given time, effort and money to help alleviate the burden felt by Katrina; so when I read this article I wanted to go vigilante on the punks involved. I think that sometimes mother nature could be a little more discriminating with whom it kills. Here’s hoping a fluke tornado issues divine retribution, and wipes out the guys (or girls I suppose) that stole the Jeep of a man that came here from New Orleans, and brought 14 with him to escape the hurricane.

Local 4 reports:
DETROIT — A victim of Hurricane Katrina staying in metro Detroit had his sport utility vehicle stolen on Tuesday, Local 4 reported. Earl Walker was visiting WJR-Radio in Detroit’s new center area when his Jeep Cherokee was stolen. “I went in and did an interview for the radio station, I came out and looked for the car, it was gone,” Walker said. Shattered glass filled the space where Walker parked the vehicle on Bethune Street, the station reported.

Walker, who managed an apartment complex in New Orleans, used his Jeep to transport 14 people from his building out of hurricane-ravaged Louisiana and to metro Detroit. Walker said he had been looking for a job and a permanent home in the area, but now has to also worry about finding transportation, the station reported.

“I don’t think it gets worse than this,” he said.

Walker filed a police report at the 13th Precinct, but said he doubts that the vehicle will be recovered. He told Local 4 that despite the setback, the people of metro Detroit have been generous and comforting to him.

I am glad to hear that the good people of Detroit (majority) made a big enough impact on this guy that it bore mentioning even in the midst of this debacle.

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