Heart Of a Lion?

I promissed myself that I was only going to post bloggs that have a positive vibe. Today I am unable to keep that promise. I am angry and embarassed with the performance of the Detroit Lions today against the Chicago Bears. My wife and I just had friends in town from all over the country. Of course we had to catch up on sports. And of course I talked up the Lions. I spoke of their great offensive threats. I spoke of their great defensive giants. I even spoke about the great potential of Joey Ballgame. Today the Lions walked out on Soldier Field and played like bitches. That is the bottom line. The Detroit Lions have 10 times more talent than do the Bears. They embarressed themselves as well as the city of Detroit. They should do themselves a favor and stay a couple of days in Chicago to avoid the media onslaught that awaits them. Maybe they should attend a Chicago Bears practice were they can learn how to run an offense. Our maybe learn how to play together as team. I have been a fan for life. This is the Lions chance to shine, and they are blowing it. My eys gaze from the laptop screen and over to my fire pit where my Detroit Lions ball cap burns and I shake my head is disgust.

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