Concerts in stereo

I just got off the phone with my buddy Isaac; he called to invite me to see U2 at the Palace. I have never seen these guys play live before, but like every warm blooded, middle class, white American male I have wanted to. Another of my friends Lirjon went last night and said it was a hell of a show.

On Friday I will be seeing Switchfoot for the fifth time (this time at Majestic). I am really grateful that I live in a city big enough to lure these types of performers. Switchfoot’s latest album, “Nothing is Sound,” didn’t grip my quite as tightly as “Beautiful Letdown” in the beginning, but after a few spins I have come to enjoy their migration from Cali-pop to harder and more haunting songs. The venue will be cool too – “intimate” I believe they call it. They are in that awesome middle ground between being big enough to draw a good crowd and small enough to still play the small theaters.

Freebie random anecdote: The Palace after 9/11, got really tight on security and disallowed ANY type of blasde to be carried into the arena. My friend Lee has access to a suite (a couple doors down from Dumars actually) and had some wallpaper he wanted to trim and was trying to bring a very small pocket knife to make the repairs. The rent-a-cops (of which I am one from time to time) wouldn’t let him, EVEN THOUGH the very suite we were going to has a whole drawer full of 6″ steak knives; which are perfectly legal! *sigh* So I just smuggled in a razor in my wallet. Hee hee hee…

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