Better Order Your Fresh Kill Turkey Soon


Halloween is just around the corner, but don’t forget to order up your fresh live thanksgiving turkey – FAST!

Huron Turkey Farm – out in Romulus, is our place of choice (as introduced to me by my wife). Helen Toth runs this 1,300 gobble compound, where the smallest bird you can probably get (and I know because we’ve asked many times for sometihng smaller) is 22-25 pounds!

If you’re a bit … queezy about the process of bringing home a freshly killed gobbler, send your wife (like I do – I’m such a wimp)… Basically, when you’re ready to pick up your turkey, you go to the counter, a guy comes out and hands you this warm, heavy parcel – you leave feeling a bit guilty, hopefully the vegetarians mobs outside have taken a lunch-break…(kidding)

We had a 25 pounder last year and it barely fit inside the oven… that was with all the interior racks removed!

Method of preparation… we go with the Salt-Water Turkey Pickling Process (Brining)– basically you fill up a big soda cooler with ice, boxes of kosher salt and your bird. You close the hatch and let it steep overnight, and by morning, you’re all set to cook (unless you like your turkey RAW – you sicko!) The result: DELICIOUS. You’ll never go back to defrosting the frozen turkey-brick again!

Huron Turkey Farm – 18910 Merriman, Romulus, MI (734) 753-9187 (they’re going quick!)

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