Metro Driving

I reverse commute from the city to the burbs each day for work. As a result, I don’t deal with much traffic or stupid driving. This morning was an exception to the rule as I passed by two accidents, both fender benders. One looked to include multiple cars. The accidents didn’t surprise me. I must admit I hate driving in Metro Detroit.

Immediately after moving here, I was baffled by Michigan lefts and the whole left turns on red being okay when. Then there is the pressure to make a right turn on red even when you can’t see traffic coming the other way clearly. And what is with using the horn? It seems like Metro Detroit drivers press on the horn nearly as much as they press on the gas.

Relax, slow down.. if you are late, it ain’t my problem. Plan ahead better. I am not going to do anything I feel is unsafe just cause you honk your horn. Honk away. Luckily, I haven’t been in car accidents but I have been to enough accidents during my tenure as a volunteer firefighter. I know what impatience can cause. It isn’t worth the five seconds you’ll gain.

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