Bringing the family back together

Well, there’s nothing like a close call or a medical emergency to bring families back together again. I had stopped watching hockey a couple years back because of how the league had taken the fighting all but out of the game, allowed a lot of hooking and interference; and then when I thought it couldn’t get any worse – the season was shut down because of contracts and money.

But alas after some counseling sessions with Dr. Tiki I decided to give the guys another chance. Last night was the first game I had intentionally watched in a LONG time, and about 15 minutes into the game there is this life-and-death situation with Jiri Fisher. I was in shock when I saw them performing CPR on him. I was thinking, “this is not good.” I may not be getting any Red Wings tattoos anytime soon, but when I saw the faces of some of the players I had been watching for years; and remembered those same looks following the car wreck with Konstantinov, and Sergei M. (The massage therapist) I knew that I would be coming around more often.

Jiri, and family, our prayers are with you and the doctors who take care of you.

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