The sirens sounded really close, so I looked out my window. Yep, down below me are at least two fire engines with lights-a-flashing. I think it has something to do with the misbehaving elevators as I heard the door guard and maitenance guy talking about the elevators/emergency stop button as I came in not 15 minutes ago. Ooh – elevator rescues can be tricky. (Ah the memories)

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  1. Jeppy (unregistered) on November 27th, 2005 @ 8:09 pm

    There should be a special (and mandatory) “STUCK IN AN ELEVATOR” emergency kit…

    in it would be:

    a) junk food & soda
    b) toilet tissue, waste bucket & privacy curtain
    c) flashlight
    d) cellphone (fully charged)
    e) scrabble

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