Bad driving is one thing..

Metro Detroit is well-known for many things “bad” including driving. Anyone who has risked the Metro Detroit roads and highways knows speed rules and SUVs can do anything. But there is a point when the driving becomes extreme. And yesterday someone passed that limit.

One of the first things you ever learn in drivers ed is DON’T even think about passing a school bus with flashing lights. The lights mean kids are getting on and off the bus, which means stop. Well to one guy it meant pass the car stopped behind the bus and speed up as you pass the bus. Which also meant he hit and killed a 15-yr-old on her way to school. Sad.

Link to the article

Lately I’ve noticed a lot more bad driving. More often than not you watch as someone blows through a red light without even a moments thought. My favorite is when I get honked at for sitting at a red light. And seriously, why does Detroit still build cars with blinkers when Metro Detroiters don’t know how to use a blinker?

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