Abracadabra ! The Invisible Invoice!


If you’re a city official, and have an invoice for under $25,000 — you don’t need to get it first reviewed with the City Council. The review of contracts would be “too much to handle” if the threshold were to be reduced to, let’s say, the $10,000 level. You’d think with the economic hardships the city is suffering, there would be a stricter review policy.

But this has not stopped officials from writing up as many invoices as they like (as long as they’re under $25,000 each) – even when they total more than $100,000 as in the case of City Clerk Jackie Currie who has racked up more than $100,000 dollars of city money using private attorneys to defend her from a lawsuit accusing her of mismanagement and fraud in city elections.

Gee, I guess the sneaky use of sub-$25,000 per invoice will really assist in her lawsuit! Perhaps NEW City Clerk, Janice Winfrey, can assist Ms. Currie (the unseated incumbent) in a lesson in ethics.

After all, the closure of all of these recreation centers in Detroit may have been avoided if more city money was in the hopper, and not slapped on $24,999.99 invoices.

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