Leap-Second Added to 2005 Allows Davros to Slip into Detroit’s Space-Time Continuum


Scientists at the Paris, France based International Earth Rotation & Reference Systems Service (I.E.R.R.S.S.) have regulated the co-ordinated resynchronization of the Earth’s clocks to astrological time to account for the extra leap second for 2005. Unfortunately, this has also allowed Davros, Supreme Commander of the Intergalactic Dalek space army to slip into Detroit without being seen by the Time Lords. It has been learned that Davros utilized a hiijacked Tardis to do so.

What does this mean for the people of Earth, and more specifically, metro-Detroiters?

“Total extermination of all Inferior beings…” or so Commander Davros has told local reporters while catching a hot dog at Lafayette Coney. Commander Davros admitted that he wants to first catch the R&B show by “The Detroit Cobras” over at Magic Stick before starting his program of worldwide domination.

Advice on methods to thwart the Dalek death-rays and how to avoid large pot-holes on I-75 will soon follow…

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