I park my car on Cobo Roof all-year round. Though it’s great that Detroit can host big events like the 2006 Auto Show; the Cobo Superbowl Experience, and the XL-Superbowl — the city needs to plan a bit better. The parking structures of this city do not easily encompass both the regular working people AND event participants & set-up crews. If you want to show the world that you can handle professional events smoothly, then you’ll have to take into consideration not only the event’s location, but how all of the people will get there, park, and then eventually leave in an orderly fashion.

When you consider that for the most part, people who attend these huge Detroit events don’t even LIVE in Detroit, then you need to realize that in the middle of the winter, they’re not going to want to walk 5 miles from available parking, nor do Detroit workers want to wake up at 4 in the morning to honk and jockey and get half-crazed in order to get a parking space.

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