Sunday morning

Ahhh” he sighed softly as he gaized out his high rise window at a beautiful City bathed in Sunday morning sunlight. Yes, that’s right, it’s my favorite day of the week.

As I pann left and right, my view goes from Lake St. Clair to the Bridge. GCP right below is starting to bloom and I can smell the fresh pot brewing on the counter. The bells at the Central Methadist Church are chiming now as I pour myself a cup and think about last night. Pegesus for cocktails and then to Andiamo’s for a little romantic dinner and dancing. Really great group “Nororious” is singing some Marvin Gay and I’m in “Casablaca.” I put my head down and whisper in her ear, “Kiss me, kiss me as though it were for the last time.” We finish with an after dinner adult beverage and travel back to GCP on the DPM. It’s a gorgeous evening walking east up Park towards the Town Pump to meet some friends. Always a nice crowd on Saturday night and it looks like the scene in “The Matrix Reloaded” after Morphius’s speach.

I sit there sipping on some Cab’ gazing around the room and thinking how lucky we all are to have this City virtually to ourselves. All ethnic backrounds and sexual persuasions are represented here and it’s like a big love fest. Think about it. There is shit going on all around us but not here. Not tonight. Not this moment.

Later today, we will walk up Brush to Jacoby’s for brunch and I will smile to myself, thinking of last night and all the nights that came before it, finishing my day with good friends and conversation at Sweet Water’s.

I have to go, she’s calling me now. . . as I climb between the sheets and softly run my fingers down her back, I will be thinking, MMmmmm, Sunday in the City. . .

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