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“Connect Four”

Create Detroit is hosting “Connect Four” this Thursday, May 25th, from 6 to 9 p.m.

Lifted from the website:

A mixer for creative professionals in: arts & entertainment, architecture & design, advertising & marketing, and media. Special guest presentation by Bill Ludwig, Chief Creative Officer, Campbell-Ewald. Food provided by some of Detroit’s finest restaurants including: Atlas Gobal Bistro, Twingo’s, Lunchtime Detroit, Slows BBQ, and The Woodward.

The Hub:
1344 Broadway
Detroit, MI

Tickets $20 online or at the door.

Hope to see you there.

Techno at Bleu

This past Friday I was in line for Bleu ridiculously early as it was being advertised that ladies were in free before 10:30 p.m. Unfortunately a CD release party was being hosted that night. As there were no other clubs nearby, we reluctantly handed over our money and dreaded the remainder of the night as techno was all we could hear – I was hoping for the regular hip hop/R&B fare. To my delight, the artist featured was performing as a prelude to this weekend’s techno festival: Movement. The evening pleasantly took me back to the early 90s, rekindled my love of great techno, reminded me how hard it is to dance to techno, and also made me thankful for strobe-lights that give the appearance that one can dance to techno.

Fun in the Park

Strange word that not many people have heard, let alone know what it is, or means.

Pétanque is a form of boules where the goal is to throw metal balls as close as possible to a jack (a small wooden ball called a cochonnet in French, which means piglet). The game is normally played on hard sand/gravel, but can also be played on grass or any other surface. Similar games are bocce and bowls.Pétanque is generally associated with southern France, particularly Provence.Pétanque is the most played sport in France. …

This past Sunday I was invited by MGAL and Jeff Widen to attend the Michigan Petanque Clubs weekly outing in Royal Oak. To my surprise there were quite a few people. About 30 i think. I was quickly greeted, given the basic instructions and handed a set of heavy small round balls (boules to those that know). I was able to play 2 matches before rushing off to watch the Pistons. My team won the first match and lost the second (mgal would probably blame me for the second match loss. She was the lucky one of the 30 to get me as a team mate). There are a few different ways to toss the balls. I still have not found my niche yet, but I think I will soon. The Club does a good job of getting everyone that wants to play in a match. If you want to play, you get to play.

I enjoyed the competition, getting some fresh air and of course the people. Everyone was very welcoming. I recommend anyone looking to get outside, socialize or learn a new sport to come out Sundays and check it out!

A local Detroit family needs help

This is Mike Barker

A friend of mine, Steve Barker, is the youth pastor for Grace Community Church (in Detroit). A couple days ago his brother was in a really serious car accident in Canada. At least for now it appears as though he may be paralized from the chest down. The family is doing pretty good right now, but if you have ever been near someone in a serious medical situation, you know that the incidentals and travel can be very expensive.

I set up a paypal account for Mike (Steve’s brother) and ALL of the proceeds will go directly to him (Paypal does take a small cut of the gross). There is a link to the fund on my blog you can go to once this one gets bumped by other stories. If you would like to stay posted on the situation check here. Please consider donating a few dollars; also be sure to leave a note of encouragement. An exerpt of the incident is included below the fold.


Sky Glitter

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Sky Glitter, originally uploaded by mainegal.

Tigers Fireworks
Saturday, May 20th

Tigers 7, Reds 6 (10 innings, 5 homers)

An Amazing First 40

I can’t believe my eyes. After yesterday’s sloppy win over Minnesota, the Detroit Tiger’s are currently #1.

#1 in the division.
#1 in the American League
#1 in all of MLB.

You can’t take that for too much. There are still plenty of games to be played, but one thing is for sure. The Tigers are playing a great season thus far.

View the MLB standings from ESPN

WDET Redux

The numbers are out. WDET didn’t raise enough money during the funddrive but they have gained listeners. (link). Today, it was also announced that Michael Coleman has pleaded no contest, dragging the embezzlement issue into another month (link).

In a previous post on WDET’s changes, the comments have provided an ongoing discussion board with some former WDET-ers joining the fun. Apparently in the past few weeks, WDET has laid-off six employees and reduced the times of others. I know I’ve noticed voices missing but it is hard to tell when someone is on vacation.

But if this is all true, can someone tell me if the Noah Ovshinsky is related to WDET advisor Harvey Ovshinsky? It is a very common name so I’d think so, but then why is he still around when the veterans are gone?

It has been recommended someone file a FOIA to get the whole story behind the WDET saga, especially since WDET seems to have no intentions of directly addresses anything. Thoughts?

Photo Share: sinbads

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sinbads, originally uploaded by Auberon.

Photo by Auberon.

Pistons Conspiracy???

Did I just see RIchard Hamilton drop the ball out of bounds on the last play of the game?

He caught the ball and dropped it out of bounds. No shot, no shot attempt.

Did I see the seasoned veteran Antonio McDyes miss a free throw to tie the game with 2 minutes left?

Did I just see Mr Big Shot foul out of game 5 in the second round of the playoffs? By the way he did not even have anyone to guard. No worries defence for number 1. If you dont show up in the playoffs, you are of no use to Detroit Basketball. Go to Indiana where they accept that kind of thing.

I am going to lay this out on the line. Usually conspiracy theories are for crazies that think that the CIA is watching their every move. I must be crazy, cause I think this is possible.

Dan Gilbert owns the Cleveland Caveliers. Dan Gilbert owns Quicken Loans. Rock Financial is a Quicken Loans company. Rock Financial has spent millions in advertising with the Detroit Pistons over the last 2 seasons.
What would it cost?
What would it take for Dan Gilbert to write a check to the Detroit Pistons organization to push this series to 7 games? Or maybe “overpay” for advertising.
The Cleveland Caveliers have done an outstanding job marketing the teams new look and of course the teams star player Lebron James. People are spending alot of money getting to and watching the Cavs. Obviously the longer this series goes, the more money the Cavs make not just this year, but years to come.

How is it possible that the Pistons blow out the Cavs in game one, then give away 3 in a row?
What we have now are 2 remaining games of which the Pistons will easily win.

Unfortunatly the NBA needs this. They need Lebron James to win games in the playoffs. They need exciting close games where the underdog wins. They dont need a defensive minded team to blowout the competition in the second round of the playoffs. Its boring to the “street ballers”.

After game 1 I think the NBA called Joe Dumars, and the Cavs reps and made a deal.
What will it take to make this series exciting for the whole nation, not just Detroit?

And here you have it. Everyone, not just Detroit and Cleveland will be watching the next 2 games to see if “Amish Lebron” can beat the returning Eastern Conference champions. And mark my words, they will not defeat the Detroit Pistons. I Guaran-flippin-tee it………

Mayor asks for changes to Detroit cell-phone ban

Cell-phone users are still safe to chat away while driving in Detroit, at least for the time being.

Mayor Kilpatrick sent the ordinance back to City Council yesterday asking that they find a way to make revisions to the ordinance since approving the ban would only combat one distraction while driving – phone use – but still allow for others like eating or drinking.

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