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House moving


We all have horror stories from moving, but what if you are not just moving your stuff but also the entire house? A couple in Grosse Ile are doing just that – they are moving their historic Ballard/Stryker house, which happens to be the third oldest in Wayne County. The move will be featured on HGTV’s House Movers.

Today was supposed to be the moving day but yesterday’s rain has delayed it. You can follow their progress (and catch up on some of the drama) at their website.

House photo from the Cold Jensens website.

Freedom Fest

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Windy, originally uploaded by UrbanTiki.

Tonight is the annual Freedom Fest fireworks. Last year, I watched from the Book Tower. This year, I am going to watch them from home.

Where is your favorite spot to watch the fireworks?

Where are her skates?

For dinner last night, GD and I went high class. We are both leaving for France this week (GD this afternoon, myself on Friday), so neither of us has food at our places. Instead we ended up at the A&W Drive-in on 12 Mile in Berkley. There even were some retro cars already enjoying the mild evening weather.

As we enjoyed our hotdogs, onion rings and rootbeer float, GD suddenly asked “Wait. Where are her skates?” It is true the “waitresses” at the Drive-in are not on skates, but trust me the experience is not diminished in the least. An older couple (maybe in their 70’s) parked next to us to also enjoy some rootbeer floats with dinner. We desperately wanted to ask if they used to come here on dates when they were younger, but resisted the temptation. As we drove away, it was quickly agreed we would be returning. And then we named off some friends who are coming along.

I do recommend it if you are looking for a dinner date that is a bit quirky especially on a nice summer night… Next time, we might just stop at the drive-in restaurant on our way to the drive-in theatre. Who cares if they are across town from each other?

Cheap airport parking

What is the cheapest parking at Metro Airport? I leave for a two week trip on Friday. Right now, because of the timing of my flight, none of my friends can drop me off at the airport.

Any suggestions?

Edit: I forgot to mention my boyfriend would be picking up the car about a week into my trip, when he returns from his own trip overseas. So the car should only be in parking for 7-8 days.


this weekend was my first Tiger’s game of the season and it was just a wonderful experience… because of their winning ways, there have been several times this year when i’d be able to see the stadium packed inside while driving north on Woodward… this weekend, i was able to be part of the 125,417 fans who crammed into Comerica Park this weekend… the AP reported that it was highest attendance for a 3 game series in the history of Comerica Park… incredible!!!

30th Annual Tug Race

It was a great day for a tugboat race! Today was the 30th annual International Tugboat Race in the Detroit River. I rode aboard the Magnetic, a working tug from 1924. The tug was one of the smaller boats there, so we really rocked back and forth in the wake of the other larger tugs. It was a great way to cool off on a hot summer day, to say the least! Several times the waves rolled right over the stern of the boat, soaking the shoes of everyone who was standing at the back of the boat.

Thanks to everyone who cheered us on from the sidelines! The Magnetic didn’t win any awards this year, but there’s always next year….


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Color, originally uploaded by mainegal.

Eastern Market

Brim! Jacoby’s! Did you miss it?


Friday night Brim filled the old brick German Beer garden with sounds ranging from melodic vocals, to tear-the-roof-of-the-mutha bass.
The crowd bobbed there heads to Rockin like a worm, a birthday dedication and another inspired by a painter. If they had room to get down, they would have gotten down.
The band shook the stained glass and old wood floors of Jacobys with their lyrically driven riff ripping solid rock.
Brim is making noise in Metro Detroit! I recommend you get out and hear it.


Tonight’s premier of Exposure.Detroit was an amazing experience. The photography, the sushi, the people, the bar… it was one of those nights were it all came together. If you missed it, well maybe we can recreate the magic in a month when the next show opens. But I do highly recommend a trip to Karras Bros to check out the photography featured this month. It really is great stuff and I am not just saying that because I consider some of the photographers good friends… the work is amazing.

And Karras Bros is a great experience because you don’t come home smelling like an ashtray.

East Jefferson gets Jazzy today and tomorrow

This weekend’s mid-70s and low-80s weather will be a perfect atmosphere to enjoy the sights and sounds of the East Jefferson district’sJazzin’ on Jefferson festival.

This year’s festival, featuring headliner Eddie Burns, local-fav Thornetta Davis and a host of other musical talents, has expanded from one day to two as a result of its growing popularity since it bagn in 2004.

Along with great music, Jazzin’ on Jefferson will also offer an arts stage featuring poetry readings and dance, plenty of activities for kids, 50+ merchants and local food and drinks.

The festival gets under way today at 4 pm and will be located within the four-block radius between Alter and Chalmers. It also runs tomorrow, Saturday, from noon-10:30.

For more information, please click here.

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