Ben takes his Fro to the city that “Blows”

The “Windy City” that is…….
Ben Wallace will be wearing a Bulls Jersey. The fact that Ben was “Made in Detroit” obviously held no weight in this decision.
I have thought about this for a few days tossing around both sides.
Bens side, he was disappointed with the change of focus from defense to offense. Ben getting paid way too much to go to Chicago.
On the other hand Ben has wrecked his chances to make it to the finals, let alone win another championship in his career. “Man with small hands” has also lost the love of Detroit. His jersey will not be retired in the Palace. He will not be listed with the greats Isaiah Thomas, Joe Dumars, Pistol Pete. He will disappear into the half empty United Center where the only star ever to be mentioned is Michael “gamblers anonymous” Jordan.

I feel that Ben Wallace has made a bad decision.

The Pistons Bulls rivalry has always had personal meaning to me (my friend is from Chicago).
Now the Pistons Bulls rivalry will be a lesson. Each meeting will remind Ben and the Bulls (who spent way too much money) what terrible mistakes they’ve made.

And Ben, if by some chance you get a chance to look at this, don’t you even think of wearing the Fro in the D again. You wont get a beer to the head, you’ll get clippers!

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  1. Informant (unregistered) on July 7th, 2006 @ 7:21 am

    Ah, Detroit fans. You love your players until they leave and then come the heartache. They paid too much, he has no offense, he has a worse free throw percentage then Shaq. The Bulls have money, lots of it. They overpaid Eddie Curry (who they traded to the Knicks for the 2nd pick in this past draft), they overpaid Tyson Chandler (whom they traded to the Hornets). The Bulls have money. You dont think the Pistons wanted Big Ben back? They came over the Bulls offer of 52 million and when the Bulls went to 60, Dumars had to let him go. The Bulls have the Pistons formula, a team of roll players to do their part. Shooters like Hinrich and Duhon and Gordon and a good power forward in Nocioni. What did they lack in beating the Heat in the playoffs? A Nasty, Hard working, Man in the middle to do 2 things: rebound and block. That is what they paid for, overpaid? maybe….if you are a Detroit fan watching the Big Ben block Prince’s shot next year. Pistons are on the downward swing, should have lost last year to the Heat (wade injury), lost this year, no one is happy, Flip can’t win in the playoffs….Da Bulls are up and coming…and John Paxzon (bulls GM) said they are not done trading/picking up free agents yet. So, yes, the Bulls are an immediate contender. Probably not to win it all this year… But they have Big Ben for 4 years…Sorry Detroit.

  2. Girl in the D (unregistered) on July 7th, 2006 @ 3:37 pm

    I didn’t know about this until I read your post. I’m disappointed.

  3. Jeff (unregistered) on July 9th, 2006 @ 10:46 pm

    In my opinion this does not make the Bulls an immediate contender. They played well against Miami in the first round but still haven’t made much noise in the playoffs. While their recent additions (draft picks, Big Ben, trade for P.J. Brown) look great on paper, it’s still up to them to put it all together on the court and until that happens, in my book they are not a contender quite yet.

    As far as losing to the Heat in the ’05 ECF, could’ve, would’ve, should’ve. I give Miami all the credit for putting a beat-down on the Pistons this season in the playoffs and winning the title, but they didn’t get it done in ’05 regardless of whether D. Wade was injured. And as much as that guy embelishes, who really knows how injured he was.

    As far as Ben leaving, I think it was a terrible decision by the Pistons not to match. While I don’t think Ben Wallace is worth $15 MIL a season, by not matching they had to use their MLE on Nazr Mohammad and not on a played like Mike James or Bonzi Wells to come off the bench and help them. Now they have traded Mo Evans, Darko, and Carlos Arroyo in the last six months with basically nothing to show for it. When you have an opportunity to win a championship, you have to think in the now, not worry about contracts and money and who’s going to get what in the future. Get the rings and work everything out later. Sell enough of those championship T’s and you can afford to spend more on players. I don’t think the Pistons are done and anyone who thinks so is out of their mind. While their bench isn’t deep, they still have three All-Stars along with Tayshaun and McDyess. Let a couple of the young guys have some minutes, especially Amir Johnson and let the pieces fall where they may. It’ll be an interesting season to say the least but I don’t think the Pistons are done quite yet.

    I do wish Ben the best of luck in Chicago. I think something went really wrong in that locker room and he just didn’t want to be here anymore, which happens. There are times when everyone has to make a change at their job. And who can turn down an extra $3 MIL a season from what the Pistons offered?

    As far as the Bulls go, we’ll see you in the playoffs…

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