Front Row Center

This Sunday I caught a few minutes of a new show on WDET, Front Row Center. Its a local show hosted by Celeste Headlee and directed right at Detroit. The few minutes I caught were about teaming up the private and public parts of the Eastern Market as well as the future of non-profs in the metro area.

Hoping to find it available as a podcast I went to the website to hear it in full. Unfortunately, it is only available streaming on-demand (I wanted to put it on my portable player), but it is still worth listening to. Last Sunday’s show also talked much about Detroit’s infamous Purple Gang with commentary by a man who grew up with the families.

The show takes on a format similar to Here and Now, but also has a ’round-table’ feel where several experts not only debate on matters but brainstorm and build upon each others ideas. Of course this is all from the one episode I’ve heard so far, but it seems to be a very promising program.

You can hear it Sunday’s 11am-Noon on WDET or in‘s on-demand section.

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  1. TF (unregistered) on August 17th, 2006 @ 11:17 am

    Oh Really.. I did not know… But then again I don’t turn WDET on much anymore…

    Not after the radio station took our listerership for granted and in an insulting fashion trashed an outstanding music station. WDET not that long ago was consistantly in the top 30 stations in the country. CONSISTANTLY !!! It’s all gone.. Poof !!

    WDET loudly claims their their Arbrton ratings are growing.. NOT EXACTLY TRUE… (after all Mike C is a documented liar) Check out … There you can see all kinds of past public radio listenership #’s. While WDET last quarter claimed a growing # of listener… What matters is their “AQH” that is their “Average Quarterly Hours” = how many listeners turn the station on and listen for 15 minuutes.. That # is tanking badly.. BADLY !! That also means how many listeners might eventalually pledge… What I read is that people turn it on.. AND TURN IT OFF TOO !!! When I did sttempt to listen in… Sorry: but I found it mostly (not always.. but mostly) useless blah blah blah….. IS WDET growing or just attracting some WUOM listeners within the signal range ??? Look at the Arbitron site for yourself.. It has been a while and the data is showing this… Soon WSU will have to budget for 2007.. Get your check book out.. PS nice job distrubting so many peoples lives who lost their paychecks as WDET IMPLODED…. Sort of like Geo Bush.. REAL GOOD AT BREAKING THINGS….

    The model used AT WUOM is not necessarily a sucessful model for SE MI.. The Arbitor and Pledge $$ I sense will show this… But then again WDET might sucessfully get the corporate bucks behind them.. After all.. they fired lots of people and the cost are down…. Guess we’ll see how this all plays out


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