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anybody who’s hung out in Downtown Detroit long enough knows about the Castle on the corner of Grand River and Adams (aka the GAR building)… it’s a stunning building that everyone thinks is cool or at least remembers well after seeing it… i have hoped that they’d do something with it eventually…

today an article in the News talked about possible developments for the Castle and of course everyone’s got their say for what should be done… i was pleased to see that one of the issues for the building was in relation to the possible building of a new arena for the Wings in that same area… we’ll see what happens… read the article if you wanna know the details of the gripes, conflicts and difficulties of redeveloping this unique structure…

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  1. Tom (unregistered) on August 21st, 2006 @ 11:02 am

    OK. I can’t post images here, but I can post links, so here’s what I (jokingly) think should be done with the GAR.

    Medieval Times: Detroit Franchise

  2. baliad (unregistered) on August 21st, 2006 @ 12:26 pm

    lol… hilarious!

  3. Mollika* (unregistered) on August 21st, 2006 @ 3:54 pm

    What a brilliant idea :0) I loved Medieval Times when I went in Toronto, oh so many years ago. From what I recall tickets were pretty steep. If you could have it in a castle I’m sure you could charge a premium. Plus, all it would need would be to be gutted with a few bleachers put in.

  4. Girl in the D (unregistered) on August 21st, 2006 @ 4:16 pm

    Wow — I was told a few years ago, obviously erroneously, that the GAR was owned by one of the Ilitch companies…I guess not.

  5. baliad (unregistered) on August 21st, 2006 @ 5:00 pm

    i was told the same erroneous info…

  6. SD (unregistered) on August 21st, 2006 @ 5:06 pm

    The organizations going against the city are just plain stupid (don’t know how else to put it).

    I know they care abotu the buildings past, but they must realize that the city has no resources what-so-ever to do anything to the property, it will only sit and rot.

    I suggest the city seel it to the organizations or someone who will turn it into a civil war museum.

    Also the info I was given is that Ilitch has the development rights, while the city retains ownership.

  7. Tom (unregistered) on August 21st, 2006 @ 7:27 pm

    Nah, who could afford to renovate that building to make a museum? No-one I can think of. The building has been abandoned too long and is in too bad of a shape.

    I say, give to the Illich family, free, along with the nearby vacant lands and tell them, “Build your stadium! However, there is a caveat! You must build around the GAR!” I can name a few architectural firms that would wet their pants at the thought of designing a hockey stadium around a 19th century castle. The possibilites are endless.

  8. PanAsianBiz (unregistered) on August 22nd, 2006 @ 5:16 pm

    I think converting the place into a Medieval Times would be awesome! As that (inconspicuously enhanced) image from Tom shows, it wouldn’t take much work to get the castle up to speed. Let’s make this happen… :)

  9. max (unregistered) on August 22nd, 2006 @ 5:19 pm

    you can count on me for a twenty dollar donation to get the ball rolling

  10. Tom (unregistered) on August 22nd, 2006 @ 8:46 pm

    It was meant as sarcastic humor, but whatever floats your boat.

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