Darth for Mayor

I love my City but the way it is run by the Mayor and the City Council leads me to believe that we need some changes. It is bogged down in litigation, roadblocks, paperwork and arguments between elected officials.

Now put yourself out there. I mean way out there. I’m thinking Darth Vader for Mayor with Luke and Chewy, the Princess and Obe One on the council. Man we could get things done couldn’t we? Using Jedi mind tricks to get things done around here would be very constructive don’t you think?

I’ve tried this with women I meet. I say, “I think you’re really a nice guy and I would like to go out with you.” and she looks up at me and repeats it. LOL Yea, don’t I wish.

I mean, think about it. The Jedi are just regular people like you and me. Don’t believe it? Check out http://www.gofish.com/player.gfp?gfid=30-1040937 and tell me if I’m wrong. Hope you like Billy Joel. If you have any trouble loading this up, sign off and try again.

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