From Zero to Hero

What an exciting time to be in the D’. In the last eighteen months we have hosted an All Star Game and one great Super Bowl. We have celebrated winning teams in the NHL and the NBA and now, NOW, we have a group of guys called the Detroit Tigers who, incredibly, lost 91 games in 05′ and won 95 this season.

But the real story is Jim Leyland. From zero to hero. He started his career as a catcher in the minors for the Tigers, went on to manage the Marlins’ in the 97′ World Series Championship, (beating the Yankees), and he has three Pirates NL Division wins under his belt from 1986-1999.

After leaving the Colorado Rockies after one season in 99′, he also left behind an uncollected 4 million dollars of the largest contract given a manager at that time. He was burnt out and disappointed with baseball.

Fast forward to 2006. Leyland assumes the role of manager of one of the worst teams in baseball. I mean we lost 119 games three years ago. Remember the headlines? The record was 120 and we just missed it. This visionary turned the Tigers into the very best team in baseball in one season. He has inspired his team with absolute confidence and driven with managerial genius.

Alexis Gomez as a DH last night? Come on! Who would have made that choice? His 4 RBI’s and a home run set a record for an LCS game and matched the second highest postseason total for a first-time player.

I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here by saying, get ready, we’re going to the World Series in a couple of weeks and Jim Leyland is the biggest reason for that.

In my opinion Leyland is the MVP of both leagues. You ask how can he be MVP when he doesn’t field or hit? Because he’s the head ramrod, the wagon master who put it all together, called the shots, took a chance and turned this city upside down with delirious, high five, slap happy joy and he damn well deserves it!

By the way, who’s my Tiger? Justin Verlander of course. . .

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