The Boys of October

Well here it is Sunday morning. Got a hot cup of coffee in my hand and from my perch high above Grand Circus Park I am looking out over the City and, of course, reviewing fond memories of the night before.

For those of you reading this in Bombay or Sydney or some city on the other side of the planet, The Detroit Tigers are World Series bound. If you read my entry titled “Zero to Hero” you know how I feel about that.

But the night, now that was delicious. Watched the game at my place and after celebrating like we just hit the Mega Millions, (which we all actually did, didn’t we?) my friends and I walked up Washington to saver this sweet victory at Cliff Bells on Park and W. Adams. Washing down cold glasses of Stella’ the only topic of conversation was the Tigs’ and that story book ending with Magg’s ninth inning home run. All I could think of was Robert Redford in “The Natural.” The only difference was #30 didn’t hit the lights high about Comerica Park.

Cool jazz was swirling in our ears as the crowd high fived till’ our hands were raw. It was a sight to remember and savor. Gaawwwd the D’ is so dreamy sometimes ya know? Is there any other place? Not today, not this night.

Later sipping on fresh Mojito’s and drawing on Grand Manier tipped cigars at Vicente’s where the Cuban music was flowing freely in the air, the celebration continued into the night.

Returning home for nightcaps around 3-ish we gazed out at downtown all lit up like Christmas. Even the stadium lights were still on as if to keep this moment alive. The Park was empty but if you listened carefully, you could still hear the fans screaming with delirious delight as the boys of October finally took home what they so rightly deserved. A trip to the big game, the show, the 2006 World Series. Some of us will be lucky enough to have those precious tickets and some won’t. No matter. We are all, everyone of us, going to enjoy this ride into Detroit Tiger history.

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