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Book of Lists

Ever wanted to know who the fastest growing companies are in Detroit? Largest employers? Biggest black owned businesses? Women owned businesses? Well now you can. That and much, much more in this weeks Crain’s Detroit Business’s annual Book of Lists.

There also is great articles on the Motor City and the Media, Real Estate and the economic outlook for the state and the city. Don’t miss their “40 Under 40” spread on Detroits business people under 40 years old who have been successful in 06′.

My favorite is the list of the fifty most powerful, connected citizens in the D’. And, NO, I didn’t make it again this year. What’s wrong with those people??

Well a grand hello to you, too, Detroit

Not a newbie, only a, umm, visiting-bie. Thanks for hosting my little posts over the next week on Metroblogging Detroit; you can see my regular and mediocre work at Metroblogging DC, the place I call home. Visiting Detroit is fun for me, I’m a Detroiter at heart having lived in the suburbs for 21 years until I made my way down to DC over five years ago.

It is more than interesting to visit the places you spent your life but only a few times a year. New places, faces, decisions and changes are much easier to notice when you don’t hear about them or drive by them every week. I’ll be posting about a few of those things too.

Thanks for letting me crash on the couch this week.

Promoting the Spirit of the D’

Regina Dubose of Detroit owns the Alexis Novelty and Gift Co. located at 3935 Bellevue off of Gratiot Ave. She started her company in 86′ and sells party and novelty items. Her business is so good, she recently purchased a 5200 sq. foot warehouse.

The cool thing is some of her most popular items promote the D’. She began printing T-shirts for family events and there is one that says, “Detroit 1701 – Open for Business.” , Regina stopped by last week to show me the shirts and I loved them. “1701” reflects the year Detroit was founded and the “open for business” portion is right on in promoting the positive side of the City.

Store hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Call 313-898-2379 for futher information. Along with our Metbloggers shirts, you be stylin’ in 2007.

Alter & Canfield

While we’re talking about problems with trash & utilities, has anyone driven down Alter Rd from I-94 to Jefferson? For the past month (since Thanksgiving) there has been a busted water main on the corner of Alter & Canfield. I wish I had a digital camera so I could upload the picture of the small (6″ high geyser) that has developed and is there every time I drive by. The City of Detroit Water Department has been kind enough to place a pylon next to it so that cars don’t drive in the soon-to-be sink hole. There aren’t a whole lot of houses in the neighborhood to the west of Alter but the ones that are still standing probably have horribly flooded basements.

They have yet to place a steel plate over it, like half of the other potholes and road problems around town.

Popeyes Illegally Dumping in Local Alley?

DSC_1759.JPGWhile traveling thru an alley located in the the New Center area on Sunday, I stumbled upon a large load of litter, which consists of a few black garbage bags spilling out with discarded cups, lids, bags, and boxes all from Popeyes, a local fast-food eatery that sells chicken.

This leads me to believe that Popeyes has dumped this trash here, at least someone has. In the end, I believe that Popeyes should be responsible for the removal and fines resulting from this littering.

See for yourself everyone! This litter is located in an alley a block away from E.Grand Blvd & Woodward, behind the 3000 block of E. Grand Blvd. The popeyes is located about 2 blocks away.

Lets get answers!

Last Hurrah for Tiger Stadium

Baseball fans will be able to take a last look at Tiger Stadium next year in April. The city has recently invited auction companies to Michigan and Trumbull to check out the possibility of having a sale either live or on the net.

Before that happens though, the public will be allowed to visit the stadium one last time. You won’t be able to remove any memorabilia but you can take pictures on the pitchers mound and around the park.

Oh yea, and this little tid bit was told to me by a “reliable sorse.” Word is that Joe Louis Arena will remain where it is. There just isn’t any room in the CBD for a new NHL home. We shall see. Illitch’s lease is up in three years and it takes about that much time to build a new arena so a dicision should be coming very soon.

On behalf of Detroit Metrobloggers, our talented authors and myself, we would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays

South University Village

There is nothing better to lift one’s spirits about the city than witnessing visible change. Spring 2007, which is right around the corner, will mark the groundbreaking for the new South University Village residential/retail/parking structure on Woodward and Forrest. The 128 one- and two-bedroom apartments are now avaiable for lease upon completion in 2008. My main concern is that I will no longer be able to find free parking on that block. I will have to trek further and further from the University’s centre as I would rather be investing my $3.00 for university parking in retail expenditures around the city than on University parking.

“Ruffled Feathers” Rant on “Bum Night in the D”

There have been some glaring opinions stated in response to “Bum Night in the D”. Here comes the “ruffled feathers” rant: HOW INCREDIBLY INSENSITIVE. The good in this insensitivity is that it brings up some much needed discussion. Transplanting the homeless will not solve Detroit’s problem or the problem of homelessness in general. The exclusion of the mentally ill from the “Bum Night in the D” program does not help situations as the majority of the homeless is mentally ill and remains prone to the same actions that vex us so. One should not generalize homelessness with criminality and no one is asking you to ignore criminal behavior. As for the “living off the land” plan . . . this is exactly what the homeless are doing. If the homeless break into your car and take things, it is because the environment makes it easy to do so. When the police do not even show up for such crimes, do not expect them to cease. Don’t leave anything visible in your car. If it is your groceries a hungry person wants, a piece of glass and an alarm people ignore will not deter them. Accept the situation of living and playing in a big city and take as many precautions as you can. In the meantime, don’t channel your frustration with crime towards the homeless, because homelessness does not necessarily equate to criminality.

Social Networking

I read in the paper the other day that more and more people are droping out of social networking, i.e., aol love match, and even MySpace. The theory is that, after the novelty wears off, it becomes boring and tedious to surf these sites. Nice article but the cool thing was they went on to list some of these social web sites and I found some of them interesting and worth passing on.

Catster, for cat lovers, Dogster, for dog lovers, Zebo, a site for people to list what they own. Huh?? ? WiredBerries, for women interested in health, deviantART, a social site for artists, and my favorite cool site of the week is, (drum roll please), a site that wasn’t listed but I recently came across. Ah, modern technology. Check out Music. Gotta’ go. Got one last Christmas gift to buy today and I’m done. Whew! Merry Christmas. . .

Literary Segregation

Can one really make up for past wrongs by dedicating a section of books to a people? Is a separate classification of books an honour or a further insult? If you are an African American Novelist, you will have been faced with this reality. If you are a consumer of novels, it may not have crossed your mind. In the Detroit Public Library and in libraries and bookstores across the country, literature by and about African Americans is often segregated from the rest of the novels. If you are browsing the general novel section you are at risk of overlooking great books due merely to race and topicality. Literature should be equally available to the end reader for discovery without bias and judgment. Topical separation by interest is acceptable for the ease of discovery; however, lumping the latest racy “African American romance” novel with Maya Angelou’s work sends the message that the racial background of an author is of more importance than the written word itself.

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