Sad Beginning

On the day of Stevie Yzermans retirement two employees, a manager and a chef, were stabbed to death this morning at Chris Chelios’s restaurant on E. Adams. “Chelies”, This well known sports bar is always packed with sports enthusiasts for the Tigers, Lions and Wings. How sad to begin the new year with such a mindless act.

While I grieve for the victims and their loved ones, I can see the headlines around the country now. “Double Murder in Detroit.” These people who go “postal“, which in itself is an insult to the U.S. Postal employees, commit these acts of senceless violence without regard to human life. Yet it always is presented as though it is our fault. The city is evil.

It seems that it just doesn’t matter what we do to promote ourselves. Crime is our albatrose. Our red letter that we wear around our necks. Instead of an “A”, for us, it’s a big red “C”.

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  1. max (unregistered) on January 2nd, 2007 @ 4:16 pm

    it really seems as though the criminal element around Detroit just has no fear of the police and/or the consequenses of their actions. it seems like every day we hear about someone committing a crime then killed or injured while running from the police rather than accept their fate. i won’t so much as turn right on red because i’m affraid of getting pulled over. if they (the law breakers) aren’t afraid of what will happen if they get caught how can crime be detered?

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