Traveling as a Simple Man

Am sitting in the Key West airport waiting for a flight home and thought I’d put in my two cents for us common travelers. Oh to be wealthy enough to own and operate your own Gulf Stream V. Poneying up the $35-$55 million would be worth it just to take the hassel away from flying with the common folk.

After five days in the tropics one is quite relaxed. Returning home is a jolt back to reality. Does anyone speak english in the entire State of Florida? Key West aside, because the Conch Republic is in a class by itself), it’s difficult to communicate with wait staff at hotels and airports in southern Florida. And every time I return to the Keys, it gets worse.

How my beloved country is changing. Melting pot is correct. I got a telemarketing call last week and he said in his obviously Hindu accent, “Hello, this is Bob.” And I held the phone away from my ear and yelled, “You ain’t Bob!”

Tell you what my travelling wish is. . . to go to China and hold up in a hotel and order out American. After that I want to drive a cab in India. “”Holy cow man! “(repeat in the authentic Indian accent.)

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  1. swapan (unregistered) on January 14th, 2007 @ 11:46 pm

    Hello man,
    I think it will be fruitful you to Know about adjacent border area of china, when you come India riding a cab from china – ‘on the land of GODs’, a spritual land, if interested see my blog

    wishing you a very very success to travel in a strange manner,in the new year 2007 – thanks

  2. Mollika* (unregistered) on January 15th, 2007 @ 10:56 am

    In all fairness, most of the people who are calling out of India are using false Christian names. However, most have gone through severe amounts of accent modification classes all in the name of customer service for North Americans. These people have the worst job ever where 90% of the time they are facing not-so-civil rejection. Could you imagine having to tell people your name is Rabindranat only to have people mock your name while they are writing you off as a nuisance? You will find many of these people are highly educated but chose to work in telemarketing instead of contributing their talents to their country because American dollars have no rival in India. Also, there are many Indians with Western names and Bob really may have been Bob.

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