Let Him Go, What Else?

AOL has an interesting group of comments this morning on excuses for getting out of a traffic ticket. I had to laugh at some of them but, then again, it reminded me of the time in my life when I was a suburban cop many years ago. There were several funny encounters with drivers but the one that stands out in my mind is this. . .

One summer evening I pulled a guy over for speeding. He was driving a convertible with the top down. I walked up to the drivers side and asked for the usual. I had his drivers license in my right hand and, as I was talking to him and he was saying, “Yes Sir” and “No Sir”, I was tapping it on top of the door as the window was already rolled down. To my utter shock, the D/L slipped and fell down inside the door panel!!

Now he didn’t notice and I’m trying to carry on a professional conversation and all the while I’m thinking, “What the f— am I going to say when this is over?” Well, after a while, I let him off of course and I said. “Oh by the way, one more thing.” and he says, “Yes officer?” I replied, “I dropped your drivers license down inside your door.” Geez, I’ll never forget the look on his face. Like I was the dumbest cop around, which I would not have argued at the time.

To add insult to injury, later that night my wife and I ordered a pizza for delivery. Guess who came to the house? Yep, the same guy. We both laughed as he gave me the pie. He said no problem, he removed the door panel and retrieved his license. Guess you don’t have to ask yourself why I ended up making a career change. LOLOL!

To make it interesting and if you have the time, please send me your comments as to the best excuse you ever gave to get out of a traffic ticket.

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