Terrible Tragedy

If you’ve seen any local news lately, you’ve heard of the firefighter who was killed by an errant SUV driver. By errant SUV driver, I mean an unlicensed coke head packing heat driving 80 mph on slippery streets with kids in the back seat. What a tragic story and got me thinking about the complete and utter disdain for simple traffic laws many citizens of the City of Detroit have and the utter lack of any kind of simple traffic enforcement (with the exception of about a 3 block radius from Wayne State and bits and pieces of downtown).

I see people blowing through red lights almost every day, I’ve seen cars barreling down Jefferson at well over 80mph, I’ve seen drunk drivers, I’ve seen cars driving over grassy medians. Really, in terms of traffic rules, there aren’t any in Detroit. I can count on my hands and toes the number of people I’ve seen get pulled over for traffic violations by Detroit cops. It’s only a matter of time before terrible things like this happen again.

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