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Atlas Global Bistro

This beautiful restaurant at the base of the Addison Apartments is well worth the trip. The service is absolutely superior and the crème brulee divine. If you are looking for a place to relax before a night at the symphony or the Fox, Atlas is a great place. Upon entering the restaurant, there is an installation of art comprised of a segmented map of Detroit on sheet metal.

Entertaining in the City

I absolutely love entertaining people at my place, be it for a meal or right before heading out on a Saturday night. However, purchasing food in the city is such an enraging experience. With the limited number of stores, there is little incentive for retailers to drop prices to attract business. While Eastern Market is a great place to shop for vegetables on Saturday, during the week – if you work 9-5 – you are tied into paying exorbitant prices during the weekdays at the grocery stores. As I live in the city, I try to drop as much of my grocery dollars in the city, but we really need to get some more competition in the city.

Warmth in the City

It was so incredibly gorgeous outside yesterday that I was sure winter was over. Then this morning the city disappeared in a veil of fine snow. It is still fairly mild in comparison to the last couple weeks, but I look forward to the spring.

$100 for a penny

Ikea in Canton is having a contest today. Scour your house for the oldest penny you can find, and get a $100 IKEA gift card in return. Sounds like a pretty good trade-off to me …

The contest ends at 6 pm this evening.

UPDATE: Thanks to Tom for pointing out that I inadvertantly didn’t mention that there was only one winner of this contest. The winner was the person with the oldest penny.

Run For Charity

If you’re one of those people who like to run marathons and can’t wait to view the next Iron Man Contest on the tube, this event is right up your alley. Next Sunday, Feb. 25th the American Lung Association of Michigan is holding its first Climb Detroit run. It begins at 7:30 a.m. You will be running up all 70 floors of the Renaissance Center. Don’t worry, you can walk up also. Registration is $35 and participants must raise $65 for the complete climb or $45 for doing just 40. Me? I’d have to call the fire department after five for a resperator.

Got Lunch?

Hey, here’s a cool way to enjoy your lunch during these cold winter days downtown. The Detroit Skillman Branch Library offers jazz concerts every month and the next one is Wed. Feb. 21st. The talented world jazz band Blackman & Arnold will be playing beginning promtly at noon. Admission is free, (I always liked that word, “free”) and brown bag lunches are welcome.

In the evening’s, Brrrr. . .the Main Detroit Library presents the Comerica Java & Jazz series every third Tuesday through August. Next Tuesday, Feb. 20th at 6 p.m. Marcus Belgrave & Company’s legendary band will be hosting along with Keir Jacksons’ poetry. Keir Jackson speaks to “all people”. His subjects deal with the situations, troubles, and triumphs of everyday life.

You can leave that library card home for these events.

Detroit Hotels: Old vs. New

In Crain’s Detroit Business there is an article expressing the concern that Detroit’s old classic hotels will not be able to compete with the modern wonders that will be the MGM and Greektown hotels. I must say that I am more of a hostel girl myself when it comes to pleasure traveling, but when it comes to business traveling, modern conveniences are the order of the day. However, there is little that can replace the splendor of history. I think a city needs all types of accommodations and I am happy to see the old by the new, and once we get International Hostels I will be extremely happy. A city needs all types of consumers to thrive and attract.

Asking questions beyond black and white

This is in follow up to Rick’s post and his legitimate concern with racism portrayed in the media. If we really want to make headway, we have to drop “black” and “white”. One would be hard pressed to define what either of those mean. Recognize that both terms are lazy ways of clumping people together. Make an effort to figure out if your “black” colleague is Jamaican, African, Australian, Canadian because chances are that one of your “white” colleagues came from exactly the same place. Detroit is a certain percentage “black”. I have no clue what that means. If you are a reporter, I would love to know what groups you have clumped under this umbrella, and what groups you have excluded in doing so.

In Defense of Past Injustices

In today’s Feb. 15th Free Press, journalist Desiree Cooper writes about racism in America and specifically the downriver community of Wyandotte. Injustices committed as far back as 1870! The following is my reply which I e-mailed to her just after throwing up in my bathroom.

Snow Removal Detroit-Style

As a follow up to Mollika’s post about yesterday, I’ve noticed a few trends in the plowing of street during this year’s snowstorm:

Impromptu One Way Streets – The plows will only plow and salt half of a street, effectively turning it into a one way street. I encountered this on Ferry St. yesterday afternoon while sitting face to face with another car honking at me on the impromptu one way street.
Giant Piles of Salt – I’ve noticed this one all season, especially on Jefferson east of Belle Isle. Rather than salting an entire stretch of road, the salt truck operator will simply dump a giant pile of salt in the middle of the road and hope that the cars running over the pile will disburse it. I’ve also noticed this on I-94 and Brush by the MDOT facility.
Campus Martius – Campus Martius is supposed to be the point of origin and center of Detroit. You’d think that the few plows working would drive through CM on their way to other points across the city. Nope. For some reason, I had a harder time driving through Campus Martius and lower Woodward yesterday than I had driving anywhere else in the city. I seriously don’t think they plowed it all day.
Convenient Circles around Parking Meters – Over on Cass, where I was parking yesterday afternoon, the city was kind enough to shovel a 2 foot radius circle around each of the parking meters. Yet, they didn’t bother to clean the streets in front of the meter or the sidewalks.

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