More Bias in the News

I am so sick of hearing and watching news coverage of the tragic events of a Macomb County woman’s murder by her husband. Tara Lynnn Grant was apparently slain in a sickening, brutal way by her husband, Stephen Grant. Ok, how horrible! How sad! But people are killed every day in the Metro Detroit area. Little or nothing is reported about those lives that were lost.

How about Joel Winterhalter, a 52 year old Newspaper Delivery man who was shot twice while trying to deliver his papers outside a party store on Feb. 4. A “friend to everyone” this senseless death went virtually unnoticed when compared to the murder of Grant. There were no helicopter footage of the killer being taken into custody.

On February 24th, Andrew Anthos was killed apparently because he was gay. Andrew Anthos was a private, gentle man whose twin passions to support military veterans and public transportation earned him a reputation for community service. For most of the last two decades Anthos ““frequently rode the bus from Detroit to Lansing to wage a solitary patriotic crusade to light the capitol dome in red, white and blue one night of the year to honor military veterans and police officers.” His killer asked him if he was gay before he got off his bus and then followed him up the street and murdered him. Where were the reporters present at his killers arraignment? Where is the interviews of his brother and the rest of his family? No comments everyday from the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office were ever reported.

So you see what I am ranting about? You want to sell the news on TV or in print? Report that someone killed their spouse and, oh yea, don’t forget, it really helps if there is another woman involved. Weather that can be proven or not, go ahead and print it. For me, it’s getting so that I wouldn’t put either one of Detrioit’s daily newspapers at the bottom of my bird cage!

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