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Skating to the Market

Finally after years of talk, the Dequindre Cut will begin contruction transforming the pathway into a recreational greenway connecting Eastern Market to the riverfront. This will be another piece of the renovation of the Market and the River Walk. The first phase will cost between $3 and $4 million and will take 10 months to complete. Located 25 ft. below street level between Orleans and St. Aubin it will have a paved surface, lighting, landscaping and security cameras. A year from now we will be rollerblading where there once was garbage, wild plant growth and the homeless. What will happen to some of the amazing graffiti? Those in the know say they will try to save as much as possible. To me, this is very exciting and I can’t wait to use it!

Midtown Living: Detroit Style

“Midtown Living: Detroit Style” is the latest publication from University Cultural Center Association, which was underwritten by Detroit Renaissance. This gorgeous glossy magazine, also available in PDF, is a showcase of the array of residential developments within Midtown Detroit. This is a brilliant push to encourage those at the University and alumni to invest in the area where they work or where they went to school. The brochure describes incentives offered by developers and instills envy in those of us that want to own one of everything.

Signature Market

The Signature Market’s long anticipated opening took place earlier this month. This specialty grocery store is open to the public and in the Riverfront Towers residential complex, just below the Signature Grille and Bar, which too is open to the public. The offerings stem from wine and beer, to party fare, to everyday grocery basics. The market is a welcome convenience to the residents and I am sure will be to other Detroit residents. I like the idea of having businesses within residential complexes for a built in market. This allows for invaluable word of mouth advertising as well as ensuring a greater chance of success in serving immediate residents.

Dreaming of Ice Cream (Trucks)

To me, ice cream has no time of year, but the summer means that I can consume more of it without too much judgment. The two places that immediately come to mind are Cold Stone Creamery and Ben and Jerry’s. I am pretty sure that the prior has some addictive substance that is mashed into their delightful creations. I dream of “Strawberry Shortcake Serenade” all day . . . especially while I’m at the gym. As I live in a building I cannot comment on this, but does Detroit have ice cream trucks that do the rounds in the summer?

Bye-bye LaSalle

Just when I start to get used to LaSalle Bank Midwest’s name and moniker, I learn today that LaSalle and its subsidiaries likely won’t be around much longer.

As part of the proposed Barclay’s/ABN Amro merger, Bank of America confirmed today that it will purchase LaSalle Bank for $21 billion. If the deal goes through, and it’s looking that way, all current LaSalle branches will become Bank of America branches.

LaSalle’s predecessor was Standard Federal Bank, which has hometown roots: Standard Federal began as Standard Savings & Loan Association in 1893. Its first office was located at Lafayette and Griswold in downtown Detroit.


Hello, I thought an introduction would be a good first post. I am a
lifelong Detroiter and Eastsider. I am finishing up my first year at
Wayne State University for Geography and Urban Planning. I love this
city and will spend a lifetime in its service. Music is my passion and
supporting the music scene in the city is one of my favorite pastimes.

Bureau Living

Bureau Living is a chic little store now open at the Canfield Lofts across from Traffic Jam and Snug. It is perfect to decorate your Detroit dwelling or buy unique gifts. The collection of kitchen supplies, paper products, flowers, pillows, etc. is dangerous if you have a credit card with a mind of its own. My favorite offerings would have to be the framed maps.

Summer is Here

What a glorious weekend this past one was in Detroit. The barbeques were pulled out, the summer clothes aired out, and bright eyed trips to Home Depot were made in anticipation of all the DIY projects that will be abandoned within a few weeks. I personally enjoyed fighting the traffic on Belle Isle and just doing absolutely nothing but stare at the sparkling river on the beach.

Don Imus & the Media

OK, I thought I’d wait until the dust settled on the Don Imus episode before I put my two cents worth in. I will be short and sweet. If he would have been smart enough to put his comments into a rap song then nothing would have been said and he would still have his job. This is the 21st politically correct century man and you can’t go around saying shit like that in the media. Imus has been repeating racist satire for years but not until his “nappy headed ho’s” comment did he recieve the rath of the public and he deserved everything he got. But we all know it’s a double standard. This is how he could have avoided all the trouble:

“Ride Wit Me” song by Nelly

“If you wanna go and get high wit me
Smoke a L in the back of my Benz-y
Oh why must I feel this way? (Hey, must be the nappy headed ho’s”)

Not a jury in the world wouldn’t have convicted him!

Friday Night

I’m baaaack! Went to the game last night at Comerica. What an event this is now. The streets and pubs around the park are jammed with happy fans wearing all their Tiger garb. I, myself wear a Verlander shirt and my girlfriend always wears this really cool Tiger pull over orange and blue jumper with a huge “D” on the back. Even though they lost the game, sniff, sniff, it was a beautiful Friday night in the D’.

Afterwards we walked down East Adams to “Proof” at the corner of Woodward. Great little nightspot with 102 Martini’s. Try the “Key Lime Pie”. MMmmm. You would think you were in Fla. it tasts so good. Late night, looking down at GCP from my window made me smile. Here it is after midnight and people are walking all around enjoying this special Friday evening. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Well, almost. LOL

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