The Mob: A Full Time Job

This Sunday marks the final episode of that gang we have had a love/hate relationship with for seven years. The Sopranos is signing off with probably a bang. Last week Bobby and Sylvio were shot. One died and the other is hanging on. Tony’s crew are all in hiding and he shipped his family off to unknown places. I have enjoyed the run. In the beginning, I couldn’t understand why the show was recieving all those awards. I watched it a couple of times and it just didn’t grab me. A lot of foul language and not much more.

Then one week I was ill and had to take off work. I had HBO and as I scanned the channels I came across about twenty back episodes. Well, la te da, I was hooked. I loved it when Tony wacked Ralphy after he killed the race horse, Pie-o-My, for insurance money. I applauded when Carmela finally threw Tony out of the house for cheating. I laughed out loud when the family had a drug intervention for Christopher. Tony: You killed the dog? I should smother you like that!” There was only shock on my face when Sylvio killed Adriane in the woods for ratting to the Feds. My, there was just so much drama, both serious and humerous, to watch every Sunday evening. Just when you started to like them, they showed their true nature. Murderers and thieves everyone.

I will be sorry to see them go. Did a little searching on the web and found a few videos that, pretty much, covers everything. Albiet tongue in cheek, they all bring back fond memories and, after tomorrow night, that’s all we have left. Oh, I forgot, reruns!

(Give it a few moments to load up)
Mad TV Sopranos
Christopers Intervention
The Best of Paulie WalnutsThe Sopran Ohs
And finally, The Seven Minute Sopranos. which just about covers everything in seven minutes.

I’m going to miss you guys. . .

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