The Big Three…time for a change?

the title of this post looks more sinister than it is. i’m not going to start throwing my weight around about the UAW, concessions, health care and that sort of thing because i don’t work in the auto industry and i really have no idea about any of that stuff for i am but a humble retail man with no big business experience. what i’m wondering is if the title “The Big Three” is still relevant? maybe they should now be called “The Local Three” or is it time to (dare i say) include “those other guys“? they are selling just as much product (and in some cases more) than the home team so maybe it’s time to update it to “The Fab Five”? or perhaps this is going to be one of those situations where the name has stuck and will always be used wether it still applies or not. sorta like how Madonna, who has had dozens of hit songs, is always referred to in any media report as the “material girl” (based on one of her songs from the ’80s)…or like how Elvis Presley is called the “king of rock & roll” but blow in a call to WCSX for a request and the chances of hearing Viva Las Vegas on the air are about as slim as getting Jack White to buy another house in Indian Village. the mere mention of something like this has me fearing i’ll disappear into the trunk of a 1977 Coupe DeVille and a dozen years from now someone will be digging up a parking lot after getting tipped off.

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  1. Rick (unregistered) on June 28th, 2007 @ 11:36 am

    I agree. The “Big Three” now are the MGM, the Motor City and the Greek Town.

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