why does everyone seem to avoid this?

recently i reported for jury duty. while most people seem to dread having to report and serve their civic duty i, having never been, was intrigued by the whole process. i hoped to be chosen for a trial and not end up as one of those poor saps that sit in the big white room watching the second hand spin, counting down until 4:30. i was lucky enough to be out and in a court room within the first hour, made the cut , then plunged face first into a steaming pile of wretched ghetto life involving two low life defendants. it was clear that they were on the losing end straight from the get-go and their representation couldn’t do much to make it seem any better than what it was. all in all it was an interesting scene, the only real down side was that the supposed one day trial turned into a one & two half-days event. oh, the judge was sort of a kook who stood most of the time and paced around anxiously like he had way better stuff to do than sit there all day…think of him like George Jefferson on Red Bull. in the end it was like i was trapped in my own “very special Matlock” episode…and i got a hundred and eight bucks for my time. yippee!

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