a flex-fuel helicopter maybe?

recently while getting ready for work i tuned in a local news station to see how many police chases happened over night (there’s at least a couple a day, it seems) and they had one of the reporters showing the benefits of riding a bicycle to work rather than firing up that big ol’ pollution machine in your garage. i, being rather into the world of cycling am well aware of the benefits whether they be for the health of the rider or for the health of the planet was impressed that she was undertaking what she said was a bit of a lengthy ride for her to show how simple it could be. she then proceeded to pedal down the road with about a dozen other riders for support (and a chance to be on television i’ll bet) and the whole ride was filmed from high above her in a helicopter. the last time i drove my helicopter i remember it using WAY more fuel than my car. nice effort but she should have just told you about it rather than trying to lead by example. to top it off, a couple weeks later the same reporter was trying to get everyone to trade in your four wheeled gas guzzler for a two wheeled gas sipper (motorcycle) and was escorted from her house to the station by a hand full of fellow “bikers” and the watchful eye of a two car state police escort. that’s your tax dollars at work cleaning up the atmosphere, my friends. enjoy the irony.

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