worrying about crap like this could explain my high blood pressure

has anyone else seen the current commercial for the perpetual furniture sale that is Art Van? it starts by telling us, the viewers that they “know what we’re thinking” then elaborates to point out that when a female says she likes the furniture she really means that she loves it and must have it. they then go on to decipher the man’s view point which is a haphazard agreement but is really wondering how he’s going to afford it. i’m annoyed by it on a few different levels but primarily because it depicts women as simple “wanting machines” who point and demand without regard for the financial outcome. the male, on the other hand is seen as nothing more than the poor, style-less sap that plays no part in the decor of their house and seems to be good for nothing but figuring out ways to fund the ol’ ladie’s spending sprees. she seems just so delighted while he’s seen rubbing his head, but thanks to the Art Van generosity he won’t have to come up with the dough for six whole months! yep, by then he’s sure to be in a much higher tax bracket and paying off something like a simple house full of new furniture just before Christmas, when expendable income is at a high, will be a breeze. i don’t know about you guys but almost everything in the iHom (International House of Max) has been agreed upon by the both of us from the art on the walls to the pillow on the sofa. if something is purchased while on a solo mission we know it’s open to veto. i understand that i am in the minority but there has to be more couples that have equal say in home fashion, right? i also understand that i’m taking this way too seriously because it’s nothing more than a commercial for a locally based, mid-grade furniture store that has to be a bit more inventive when confronted with a large-ish gap between holidays and i’m reading it like it’s a frickin’ psychological expose’ in the New England Journal of Medicine. plus, the “really, really, really post 4th of July & pre, pre, pre Labor day Sale” just seems a bit wordy.

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  1. Abster (unregistered) on July 30th, 2007 @ 7:35 pm

    I’ve never really been one for Art Van to begin with. I bought a couch from the Clearance Center once, only because it really was about as cheap as it came (minus one hideous throw pillow) but the quality of their stuff just doesn’t seem worth the price. I mean, according to TV it’s below cost, but as Art Van still has a number of stores in business, so I can’t imagine that all this below cost is really hurting them…

    But, at least I know that if I DO happen to fall in desperate need of a semi-poor quality coffee table, and I DO happen to miss this once in a lifetime sale, I can always go back next Tuesday and get it for the next once in a lifetime price.

  2. max (unregistered) on July 31st, 2007 @ 2:18 pm

    i was being nice when classifying it at mid-grade when in reallity i don’t care for their stuff, either. there are billions of people that are more than satisfied with their Art Van purchases, i’m sure, but it’s not for me. and asking me, the consumer to believe that they’re always having sales because “they over bought” and “the warehouses are over stocked” is insulting. they expect me to believe that they are so poorly managed that the purchasers continually out buy the projected sales and yet still keep their jobs? i own a retail store and if it were always over stocked requiring me to sell everything below cost (as they claim) i’d have a new manager real quick.

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