Detroit: Not a Cool City

But Grand Rapids is. And so is Ann Arbor. And Kalamazoo. And Royal Oak. Even Taylor is a Cool City. But not Detroit. Detroit can be pretty hip, but it’s not Cool.

That’s because Detroit is not one of the Sierra Club’s Cool Cities, a group of cities all over the nation whose mayors have signed the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, pledging to actively reduce carbon emissions and institute energy conserving programs and build energy-efficient buildings in their cities. It’s an initiative that asks mayors to institute changes that will ultimately save millions of dollars in the long run. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Granted, Detroit has a very, very, very long way to go before becoming an environmentally friendly city. It has myriad problems that need solving, but the naysayers must be put to rest sooner or later and Detroit, if it is going to attempt to revitalize and become one of America’s great cities again, must take an active role in becoming more environmentally conscious. Here‘s a copy of the Agreement that Kwame–or the mayor of your particular suburb–should sign.

So please tell him. Here’s Kwame’s phone number and email:

(313) 224-3400

He probably won’t answer, but leave a message and maybe he’ll get back with us.

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