Finally a (backhanded) compliment!

Since it’s too cold for wimps like me to head out into the elements my computer and my TV have been my best friends today, and both have introduced me to some pretty good (well, at least better than usual) Detroit housing references.

First, my fall-back-on-when-I-can’t-find-any-episodes-of-Law and Order-channel, HGTV, ran an episode of House Hunters Detroit…even if it was mostly centered in Royal Oak. The show went so far as to say that “the city’s suburbs are becoming as dynamic as the city itself”. I found it odd considering than here in our own hometown our suburbs generally enjoy a much rosier image than the city, but at least our national TV watching population was witness to a fleeting view of some of Detroit’s best attractions.

Then – while checking my email for the millionth time today, I noticed a headline story advertising the “13 Worst Places to Live…Or Are They?”. Surprisingly, to me at least, the D made an appearance on the list! As I’ve mentioned before, it seems to me that Detroit usually gets overlooked when these types of lists are created, but the blurb mentions some of the same positive things about living in or moving to Detroit that we’ve been hearing around these parts for some time now. Of course, the title of the article still leaves a little something to be desired (how about 13 Most Awesomest Places to Live Ever!?) but, hey, I’ll take it!

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