A Night of Wikipediaing for the sake of you Trivia Buffs

I’m bored tonight, but curious. No, not that kind of curious! Facts and data curious! I used an hour of my time looking up the following Michigan facts. Cool! I hope you enjoy knowledge like I do. All data via Wikipedia, which is never wrong. Here we go:

Did you know Michigan is the 8th most populous state in the union with roughly 10,000,000 people, according to 2007 estimates of the US Census Bureau? (wiki-source)

Did you know that Detroit is still the 11th most populous city in the US of A, with roughly 918,000 folks? (wiki-source)

Did you know that Michigan is 11th among states in total area, spanning 97,790 miles? (wiki-source) (And you better watch your back at the 10 spot, Wyoming, because we’ve got your number, believe you me! We’re going to find some new land to annex any year now and then you’ll see!)

Did you know that Michigan is 15th in Population Density? (wiki-source) According to Wikipedia.com, population density “is a measurement of population per unit area or unit volume. It is frequently applied to living organisms, humans in particular.” Who knew? Actually, I have no idea what that means. What I do know is that we have a greater population density than New Hampshire. New Hampshire! I’m not good at geography, but I’m pretty sure you could fit 50 New Hampshires inside of Michigan. Do you think that the population density of Michigan with 50 New Hampshires in it would be higher than the population density of New Hampshire by itself? I do!

Did you know that four UP counties are on Central Standard Time? (wiki-source) Just look at this map:

Did you notice that there are four northwestern UP counties on eastern time that are further west than one of the counties on Central time? That’s wack!


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  1. Kevin (unregistered) on February 13th, 2008 @ 11:48 pm

    I love SCOTTER!!! Whooo!

    This is an official throw down: I challenge Scotter to a game of Trivial pursuit!

    Let’s do this!


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