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Do Something Special for Detroit’s Kids Now!

We’ve posted about this before and will post again. Colgate’s Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation will build a new children’s Fun Center at the hospital that gets the most votes by February 29. At this moment, Detroit’s Children’s Hospital is a close second to a Houston children’s hospital. We can do this.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: You can vote once daily from any computer, so please vote every day at least once and tell all of your co-workers, family members, and friends to do the same. If there’s one city that isn’t used to getting freebees, it’s Detroit–we always seem to get things the tough way. Now that there’s an easy way, let’s take advantage.


…and vote every single day. Spread the word.

DFT 2007 ACADEMY AWARD® NOMINATED SHORTS and The Dirtbombs at the Magic Stick

I attended a viewing of this year’s Oscar-Nominated Live Action and Animated Shorts at the Detroit Film Theatre. I was pretty impressed with all of the nominees, but my particular favs were LE MOZART DES PICKPOCKETS (THE MOZART OF PICKPOCKETS), I Met the Walrus, and Peter and the Wolf.

Here’s a trailer for I Met the Walrus, which should be of particular value to all of you Beatlemaniacs out there. The description at the beginning pretty much sets up the film, and the animation is remarkable.

I think the winners will be:
MY LOVE (MOYA LYUBOV) in the category of Animated Short and

Czech out last year’s winner in the category of Live Action Short, West Bank Story.

RE: The Dirtbombs CD Release show at the Magic Schtick. I got there at 11:24 and am pretty sure that I was the first person that they turned away when the show sold out. My brother arrived 5 minutes before me and got in. Therefore, I give the show two thumbs way down.

Creative Cities Summit 2.0 to be held in Detroit in October

Last year I read Richard Florida‘s The Rise of the Creative Class, an impressive study about how cities and economies grow when they offer rewarding cultural experiences and an open, free, and safe society for a new, creative class who work not for money, but for the meaning they derive from work (Imagine That!). Basically, the companies that will thrive are the information companies where people use their brains, a no-collar workplace where everyone’s friendly and working toward common goals. Google is a good example of the kind of company that springs up in these cities and then becomes monolithically successful.

This whole thing sounds pretty foreign for us in Detroit, but these cities do exist and are thriving. Cities like Raleigh, NC; Portland, OR; Washington, DC; and Minneapolis, MN–to name a few–offer safety, public transportation, culture, and a liberal attitude toward sex, race, and sexuality.

This October, The second Creative Cities Summit will take place in Detroit, a good sign for our city. Some of the most interesting thinkers on Urban re-growth will be in Detroit from October 13-15.

Perhaps these smart and optimistic people can come to Detroit, take a look around, and give us some advice about how to do some much-needed housecleaning and building.

Sure to be on the agenda is public transportation, and there was a spirited (for lack of a better word) convo on the topic yesterday at Webvomit.

Happy 1st, San Jose!

While thousands of Michiganders are celebrating wedding anniversaries today, someone – or something else — is celebrating its own anniversary this Valentine’s Day: Metroblogging San Jose. Happy first birthday, San Jose! We in Detroit wish you another year of growth and success!

We Heart Detroit

Happy Valentine’s Day, Detroit! We at Metroblogging Detroit hope you have a fabulous, fun- and love-filled day.

My husband and I are going, for the first time, to the Whitney for dinner this evening. I cannot wait and will give a full report on the experience and the food in a few days. What are your special Valentine’s plans?

A Night of Wikipediaing for the sake of you Trivia Buffs

I’m bored tonight, but curious. No, not that kind of curious! Facts and data curious! I used an hour of my time looking up the following Michigan facts. Cool! I hope you enjoy knowledge like I do. All data via Wikipedia, which is never wrong. Here we go:

Did you know Michigan is the 8th most populous state in the union with roughly 10,000,000 people, according to 2007 estimates of the US Census Bureau? (wiki-source)

Did you know that Detroit is still the 11th most populous city in the US of A, with roughly 918,000 folks? (wiki-source)

Did you know that Michigan is 11th among states in total area, spanning 97,790 miles? (wiki-source) (And you better watch your back at the 10 spot, Wyoming, because we’ve got your number, believe you me! We’re going to find some new land to annex any year now and then you’ll see!)

Did you know that Michigan is 15th in Population Density? (wiki-source) According to, population density “is a measurement of population per unit area or unit volume. It is frequently applied to living organisms, humans in particular.” Who knew? Actually, I have no idea what that means. What I do know is that we have a greater population density than New Hampshire. New Hampshire! I’m not good at geography, but I’m pretty sure you could fit 50 New Hampshires inside of Michigan. Do you think that the population density of Michigan with 50 New Hampshires in it would be higher than the population density of New Hampshire by itself? I do!

Did you know that four UP counties are on Central Standard Time? (wiki-source) Just look at this map:

Did you notice that there are four northwestern UP counties on eastern time that are further west than one of the counties on Central time? That’s wack!


Forest Arms Relief

The event that Scotter has mentioned in a few posts below, the fire at the Forest Arms apartment building will be the focus of a relief concert at Atwater Block Brewery. The owners of People’s Records will be involved, as well as a few other local artists (OK, I forgot the flyer at work and now I can’t remember who…). Each artist is donating 100% of their time, so all proceeds will go to benefit the residents of the building.

Are you cynical like me? OK, then. Stand up for the little guy? Me too. That said, I can’t vouch for the definition of “residents” that will benefit from this concert. A few of the relief funds that I’ve seen started have been to benefit those residents who were university students. About 40 or so Wayne and CCS students were residents of this building, but that leaves about 60 or so folks (many who were senior citizens) who aren’t receiving as much attention or funding. Being a Wayne student myself, I don’t speak small of their loss, I just want the wealth spread evenly. I’m crossing my fingers that this event will end up helping all involved so that their rebuilding process can begin.

Either way, the concert sounds like it’s going to be a good time – and the suggested door charge is only $5, which is a lot less than it could be, and it’s for a good cause – plus Atwater has some seriously good brews and snacks, including a soup made from the two most heavenly things on earth, cheese and beer. It does NOT get much better than that.

The shin-dig starts at 7:00pm, hope to see you there!

And…Formative Edit – the concert is this Friday.

Scrummage University Closes Eastern Market Campus – Wildcatting, Prussia, Sister Suvi, and Childbite Play Send-off

I had no idea when I walked to the back entrance and up the three flights of stairs that I would be walking into the last rock show at Scrummage University’s Eastern Market loft. As some of you know, we like Scrummage at Metroblogging a lot. And while it’s a shame that Scrummage will be leaving its convenient and easy-to-reach location on Winder street, the boys are moving to an abandoned toy factory across from a cemetery on the East side (sounds like something right out of a movie, doesn’t it?) where they won’t have to worry about waking up neighbors with their pesky dance parties and their obnoxious rocking-and-rolling music. Besides, the new place will have more than twice the space, more room for more roommates, and there will be a closed-in lot for pilgrims to park.

stupid cupid

well it’s that time of year again when i pull the suit out of mothballs, lace up the wingtips, clip on my bow tie and hit the town with the hottest date money can buy…of course i’m talking about Valentines Day. years past have found me at all the usual romantic hot spots (the Whitney, Coach Insignia, White Castle) but this year i’m looking to change things up a bit so i come to you not in my usual tour guide role but as the tourist. if any of you have something extra special planned for you and your little love newton i’d like to hear (and possibly steal) it. it used to be pulling up for a date in a cool car was enough but the Vega has seen better days and it really isn’t the action magnet it used to be.

MetroTimes Blowout Schedule is Birthed

If you are a Detroit Music lover and blog reader and you’re getting this information for the first time here instead of at Webvomit or MCR or the Metro Times website, then you certainly have taken an unlikely and unusually circuitous route around the world wide internets this afternoon.

Here’s the schedule.

I know I didn’t send in my muzack b/c of extreme laziness, but I thought they would have just found me out and come a-askin’. What’s the deal, Metro Times?

And why isn’t this guy on the bill?

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