IRS Cheque Guilt

I just received my economic stimulus cheque in the mail.  I felt a little guilty as this money could have been put to good use in social programs in city.  I feel even worse about the money spent on two mailings to let us know that the cheque was on the way.  However, we do not always get to decide exactly where we want our money to go, so I suppose if I could always give to the social program of my choice.  However, I decided on actually using this money for what it was intended to do: stimulate the economy.  I will use this money to help open my own business.  This will hopefully have a lasting positive effect on the local economy versus a one time purchase. 

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  1. bbbdt on May 30th, 2008 @ 12:43 pm

    It’s YOUR money. When you give it to the government, you do not get to choose where it goes. When you keep it (or the government gives it back), you once again get to choose where it goes. You have this point absolutely backwards.

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