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Drop it like it’s hot w/ Handmade Detroit

With the Big Three on their death bed and the economy being in the crapper, there is still a place where all your Christmahannaukwanzikah dreams can come true!

Mosey yourself down to the FILLMORE theater (which some of us still want to call State) on Woodward, tomorrow from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.  I’ve gone to this banquet of crafts for 3 years in a row and always find something great for friends.  And if I don’t find what I want, I leave with a bagful of inspiration – like last year when I melted a record album into a sweet fruit bowl. Because frankly, these products are brainchild’s of a Martha Stewart with a full sleeve, after 3 screwdrivers. They are ultra unique and one of kind – and not busting the bank!  YAY for people who are crafty that I can buy from and make my own taste look far better than it actually is!

What LA neighborhood would you fit in?

I don’t know if I mentioned it before in my intro post, but I spent the past year or so living in lovely Los Angeles. The city was great and I loved practically every single thing about it. I moved back because, well, I was about 2,000 miles away from everyone and everything I have ever known. Hey, Im young and I’ve got time to do foolish things like that.

But that’s all beside the point. I found a neat tool online that lets you compare your neighborhood to other neighborhoods in well-known cities across the country. Needless to say, I promptly looked up to see where I fit in with my LA folk and if I did an upgrade or downgrade (but I didn’t see Warren or my old LA ‘hood listed… so I’m kinda shady on where I stand still). For example: Detroit to LA, Detroit to NYC (Manhattan), or Detroit to Chicago just to name a few of the examples you can do.

Check it out and see where you would fit in if you lived somewhere else – you might be a little surprised.

Registered to vote? Jay-Z might help motivate you…

As some of you may or may not know, the deadline to register to vote is fast approaching here in Michigan. There are only 5 days left to register to vote until the deadline of Oct. 6 – so get out there Detroiters and do your civic duty. With so many important issues facing everyone we all know how important it is to have our voices heard.

To help motivate Detroiters, and Michiganders (Michiganians?), as well as show some support for his candidate of choice (Barack Obama), Jay-Z will be in town performing a FREE concert. The concert takes place in Cobo Arena and all you need to do to check out this show is pick up your FREE ticket at one of the many offices of the Campaign for Change found in Detroit, Dearborn, Southfield and Wayne County’s Canton Township. So what are you waiting for? Go get those tickets!

I don’t know about y’all, but hopefully I’ll be able to make it and maybe I’ll even see you there.

Woodbridge Pub Opens Today!?


Target Fireworks

Last night the international sky over the Detroit River hosted the 50th annual fireworks show celebrating the Independence of Canada (July 1st) as well as the Independence of America (July 4th).  I love the beginning of the show when helicopters fly overhead bearing the American and Canadian flags.  Being able to celebrate the country of my birth – Canada – as well as my adopted country at the same time is delightful.  I had the fortune of watching the display from the Riverfront Towers complex to the west of Hart Plaza.  Our complex hosts about 8000 people every year for the event.  Residents are limited to 8 guests each; wristbands are therefore a hot commodity; and the Signature Grille was hosting a ticketed public event as well.  The otherwise peaceful complex took on the feel of college dorms during frosh week complete with a band, outdoor food offerings, with a smattering of drunken shenanigans; thank you “Team Riverfront” for keeping good order.  It was a great party.  My favourite firework of the night was a red star surrounded by a white circle near the end of the show.      

Been awhile…

The internet bugs attacked me, and I haven’t been able to even sign on to Metro Blogging in, well, forever I think.

Lots has happened in the D since this world wide web failed me, but at least this weekend will give me a good opportunity to jump right back in. The Detroit International Festival is happening, on way more streets and way bigger area than I though. Just drive to Midtown and pull over when you see people milling around and white tents set up.

As usual, I’m pretty geeked for the food and drink, but there’s something that will keep everyone busy.

Even hair sculptures. Only in the D, folks…


Where should you be Thursday night? Here’s an acronym-onious answer: DIA.


Boxers and Mexican masked wrestlers fight live at an art museum.

Not convinced yet? Well, then you’re crazy. Then maybe two more words to help: The Bang.

Anyone else think they’ll be calling in “sick” on Friday morning?

I can’t believe this is actually happening.

Pottery on the cheap

Pewabic is holding their annual Spring sale this weekend, with discontinued, overrun and even broken (they’re still really cool!) pieces on sale at hugely discounted prices.

The sale, which actually began today for members, will be open to the public on Saturday from 10AM to 5PM and Sunday from 12Noon to 6PM. Pewabic is at 10125 E Jefferson, which could not be a more perfect location on our first weekend of truly gorgeous weather. Once you finish your shopping head on over to the water and start enjoying the spring!

This is your last chance to catch Holy Hip-Hop and ReFusing Fashion at the MOCAD

Holy Hip-Hop and ReFusing Fashion, two excellent exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Arts-Detroit, will close this Sunday, so this weekend is your last chance to see them. Here’s Metroblogging’s review of the exhibition.

MOCAD is offering two final events to celebrate the exhibitions: Sarah Lewis, Art Historian at Yale, will talk about the Holy Hip-Hop paintings, and several experts will hold a discussion titled The Relevance of Fashion. In addition, the Black History 101 Mobile Museum will be parked outside (or maybe inside?) the museum on Sunday, April 20.

All this is free: the exhibitions, the discussions, the vagabonding black history museum. All free. The MOCAD is a great place for Detroit, doing great things. Feel free to donate a few dollars while you’re there and let’s keep enjoying and supporting this institution.

More on…

The Wonder That Is Zaccaro’s!

I drove on over to the new Zaccaro’s Market on Friday – only to be super embarrassed when I learned that the store, on Watson and Woodward, is less than two blocks from my office, but oh well.

It was so worth the drive. While I still think it’s wacky that the addition of a mere grocery store can drive the Detroit blogosphere into a frenzy, we latch on to what we can get in this fair city.

I ordered my sandwich (very good), strolled around the store (very cute) and checked out some of the merchandise (very nice). This still isn’t the kind of place where I’ll be able to do my weekly (ok, monthly) grocery extravaganza but it’s going to be the place where I run in on the way home and grab something for dinner.

Zaccaro’s has staples like pasta, sauces, dairy, fruit and veggies and then some of the kitschy items that you’d want to find in an upscale grocery store. A coffee bar, some bistro tables, and what looks like it will become a wine room in the rear of the store. And the best part? It’s all pretty reasonable. My fear was that it was going to be a commodity in the area and charge $4 for a box of noodles or something, but I was pleasantly surprised. Of course my favorite item was little single use packets of spices, which will cut down on my buying a bathtub of cumin when I really need a teaspoon, but that’s just me.

I’m definitley going to be a regular at this place. I think I’ll even walk next time.

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