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This past half-week and weekend saw the unrolling of the eleventh MetroTimes Blowout music festival.  The opening night was held Wednesday night at the Magic Stick in Midtown, and the remainder of the festival was held in shops and bars throughout Hamtramck.  I was only able to sport my fancy $20 wristband on Friday night when I caught a few bands at the Record Graveyard, the Belmont, and the Whiskey in the Jar.  One of our numerous snowstorms this season hit that night and it was rather foolish to try and navigate the streets of Hamtramck without a map.  The bars were packed, the music organic, and the snowy evening was all the better because the pope was watching over the city.  For a holistic day by day take on Blowout check out Post-Rockist.

Metro Times Blowout Begins Tonight

Metrotimes Blowout Begins tonight.







ahem, here,

for picks and previews.

Deastro and Javelins at Scrummage Last Night…

didn’t happen. I showed up around 10:15, early enough to catch the first band, usually. Apparently, the place they were going to have the show while they’re between haciendas had a brown-out, and apparently moving it to the old Winder Street location didn’t work out. Too bad. I guess I’ll have to wait until the grande opening at the new place on Davison and Van Dyke.

Fedde at V

This Sunday Dutch DJ Fedde le Grand will be spinning, with local DJs local DJs Mike Anthony and Tom T, at club V at the MGM Grand, Detroit. As posted on this site, “Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit” was a worldwide smash on the club scene and daring in video. There is nothing like experiencing the reaction to this song played in Detroit clubs. I cannot imagine what it will be like when le Grand takes stage. I just purchased my tickets via Ticketmaster. I can’t wait to check out the man who put Detroit on the lips of so many and the club that made Nightclub & Bar magazine’s top 100 in 2008.

DFT 2007 ACADEMY AWARD® NOMINATED SHORTS and The Dirtbombs at the Magic Stick

I attended a viewing of this year’s Oscar-Nominated Live Action and Animated Shorts at the Detroit Film Theatre. I was pretty impressed with all of the nominees, but my particular favs were LE MOZART DES PICKPOCKETS (THE MOZART OF PICKPOCKETS), I Met the Walrus, and Peter and the Wolf.

Here’s a trailer for I Met the Walrus, which should be of particular value to all of you Beatlemaniacs out there. The description at the beginning pretty much sets up the film, and the animation is remarkable.

I think the winners will be:
MY LOVE (MOYA LYUBOV) in the category of Animated Short and

Czech out last year’s winner in the category of Live Action Short, West Bank Story.

RE: The Dirtbombs CD Release show at the Magic Schtick. I got there at 11:24 and am pretty sure that I was the first person that they turned away when the show sold out. My brother arrived 5 minutes before me and got in. Therefore, I give the show two thumbs way down.

Scrummage University Closes Eastern Market Campus – Wildcatting, Prussia, Sister Suvi, and Childbite Play Send-off

I had no idea when I walked to the back entrance and up the three flights of stairs that I would be walking into the last rock show at Scrummage University’s Eastern Market loft. As some of you know, we like Scrummage at Metroblogging a lot. And while it’s a shame that Scrummage will be leaving its convenient and easy-to-reach location on Winder street, the boys are moving to an abandoned toy factory across from a cemetery on the East side (sounds like something right out of a movie, doesn’t it?) where they won’t have to worry about waking up neighbors with their pesky dance parties and their obnoxious rocking-and-rolling music. Besides, the new place will have more than twice the space, more room for more roommates, and there will be a closed-in lot for pilgrims to park.

MetroTimes Blowout Schedule is Birthed

If you are a Detroit Music lover and blog reader and you’re getting this information for the first time here instead of at Webvomit or MCR or the Metro Times website, then you certainly have taken an unlikely and unusually circuitous route around the world wide internets this afternoon.

Here’s the schedule.

I know I didn’t send in my muzack b/c of extreme laziness, but I thought they would have just found me out and come a-askin’. What’s the deal, Metro Times?

And why isn’t this guy on the bill?

MOCAD-Holy Hip-Hop! and ReFusing Fashion Opening Reception
Right click on image and open in new window for a larger image.

Anyone who thinks a Friday night at an art museum sounds like a staid and snooty affair missed out Friday night on the kind of dynamic cultural event that Detroit can deliver. To celebrate the opening of two new exhibits, Holy Hip-Hop! New Paintings by Alex Melamid and ReFusing Fashion: Rei Kawakubo, the Museum of Contemporary Arts-Detroit (MOCAD) threw an all-night dance party featuring home-grown Hip Hop artists Mike-E Ellison and James “Suburban Knight” Pennington.

Daniel Johnston Live in Detroit, February 5

If you’ve seen the independent film The Devil and Daniel Johnston, you’ll probably be at the Magic Stick (or is it the Majestic?) tomorrow evening to see the man himself (bereft of said Devils, I’m assuming).

If reviews of the current tour are accurate, Johnston will go on early (I’d get there around 8:30 if I were you), he’ll be vulnerable and emotional, he’ll probably make more than a few mistakes, and he’ll be entirely worth the $15-$18 bucks.

If you haven’t seen the movie, here’s a quick timeline of Daniel Johnston’s life, from now to then:

–February 5, 2008- Daniel Johnston plays the Magic Stick (or is it the Majestic?) in Detroit, Michigan. You show up.

–2006-2007, Due to the success of the film The Devil and Daniel Johnston, Johnston begins re-releasing albums and plays occasional shows.

–2005, Jeff Feuerzeig’s documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston premiers at the Sundance Festival.

–2004, Johnston admirers such as TV on the Radio, Eels, Tom Waits, and Beck contribute to The Late Great Daniel Johnston. Fans of these artists buy the album for the track by their favorites, listen to it a few times, figure out that these songs are brilliant, and start looking for other Daniel Johnston songs using their interwebs and dotcoms.

–2003-1991, Johnston continues to write songs and draw cartoons and paint at his home in Waller, Texas.

–1991, Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain (Remember him? He was great. I miss him.) wears a signature Daniel Johnston shirt at the MTV Music Awards and just about everywhere he goes, leaving people to ask who this Daniel Johnston is. Unfortunately, the interwebs was still growing up and wasn’t available for kids to just type the words “Hi, How Are You” into a search engine, so some of them sketched it in their notebooks and on letters they’d pass in 3rd period Math.

–1985-1991, Johnston has a lot of mental problems that I’m not going to write about because the guy is a human being, not a freak show, and his songs are beautiful and pure and we shouldn’t give him attention because of his mental condition but because the talent and quality of the songs are there.

–1984, Johnston makes it on an MTV special highlighting music in Austin, Texas. Reports say that Austin is still an ok place to see music to this day.

–1960s-1983, Johnston moves to Austin; Johnston starts recording his own records on a tape recorder; Johnston writes songs, makes movies, draws, and paints; Johnston falls in love with the music of The Beatles; Johnston grows up.

–1961, Daniel Johnston: born.

Dan Deacon at Scrummage University

I got to Scrummage just after 10pm to find a packed performance space full of living, breathing bodies–some sweating, some really sweating–jumping and gyrating to the last few moments of Benny Stoofy‘s set, which I was pretty bummed and baffled to miss since shows at Scrummage rarely start this early. But shows at Scrummage rarely reach beyond legal room capacity either. At least not since Dan Deacon‘s last show.

This time around, Deacon presented Ultimate Reality, a joyous, hyperactive electronic symphony set to a film by collaborator Jimmy Joe Roche that slices and dices, then splices and splashes with effulgent neon colorings the myriad films of the Governator, Arnie Schwarzenegger.

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