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Trick or treat vs. Tigers?

After Thursday’s heartbreaking loss to the Cardinals (well, even before the loss) it struck me that tonight’s game (and hopefully Saturday’s) will be played in the midst of many Halloween parties and related festivities.

If you usually party-it-up on Halloween – or this year, the weekend before Halloween – have you changed your plans to watch the Tigers? Or will you try to watch the game while at a bar or party?

Prove it or get over it

Given that I am Tiger fan, I may be a little biased when it comes to the Kenny Rogers dirt fiasco but I’m going to vent my opinions anyway.

Today’s The Day…

22 years ago this month, I remember watching Larry Herndon catch the final out in the World Series, wishing so badly I could be there. It broke my heart to think the celebration would go on without me — but at that time in my life, as a 15-year-old from the suburbs, my parents forbid me to go to Detroit. At all. Period.

Let me repeat that: I was not allowed to go into the City of Detroit.

My, how things have changed.

Our Favorite Tigers of All Time #6: Willie Horton

While researching this entry, I did a quick google search for Willie Horton and came up with the wikipedia page on Willie Horton. He’s a convicted felon who was part of the 1988 Presidential Election. Fortunately, that’s not our Willie Horton. Our Willie Horton had a great career with the tigers and fell just short of a career 2000 hits. Read past the jump for more.


Here it is, ladies and gents.

I took this picture around 9:15 tonight; it is the window-side of the building that faces north.

The opposite side of the building still sports the pink ribbon, which to me, is a nice compromise.

Go Tigers!

A big Olde English D

Kudos to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan for supporting the Detroit Tigers in the 2006 World Series! (and for listening to the suggestion made earlier this week).

I just heard on the 5 o’clock news that the Blues plan to display a 12-foot-high light display of the Olde English D on the BCBSM building located in downtown Detroit. The news report, which was on Channel 7, reported that the big D will go on display tonight.

The two sides of the building with windows currently feature a light-display of a pink ribbon (in honor of breast cancer awareness month in October) so I’m not sure if that will be replaced or if the Olde English D will go up on the east- and west-facing sides.

I will find out tonight, though; my camera and I have a date in the area around 9 or 10 this evening.

Our Favorite Tigers of All Time: #7: Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker

Names: Louis Rodman Whitaker, Jr., aka ‘Sweet Lou’; Alan Stuart Trammell, aka ‘Tram’.

Years with the Tigers: Whittaker: 1977-1995; Trammell: 1977-1996.

World Series Rings with the Tigers: 1 each (1984)

More after the jump…

Our Favorite Tigers of All Time: #8 Mark Fidrych

No top ten list of favorite Tigers players is complete without The Bird on it. He was an eceletic guy and a fan favorite. When the Bird was on the team, fans used to boo when Jack Morris was throwing. Read past the jump for more.

Our Favorite Tigers of all Time: #10: Cecil Fielder

Name: Cecil Grant Fielder, aka “Big Daddy”

Years with the Tigers: 1990-1996

World Series Rings with the Tigers: 0, though he did get one with the Yankees in ’96.

Where is he today?: No idea; was released from the Cleveland Indians in ’98 and allegedly had some gambling and debt problems in the years following, but no clue as to his whereabouts now. If you know, please let us know in the comments section.

Promoting the Tigs

GM%20Tiger%20D.jpgAs area media draw comparisons between the 2005 All Star Game and Super Bowl XL in Detroit and now the World Series coming to the D, I have to wonder whether GM has a Tiger-themed window decoration up its sleeve for the RenCen next week and the week after.

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