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Hola MetroBlogging!

        I am a burgeoning student in MetroDetroit.  I have lived around the D for the majority of my close to quarter-life existence.   Opting not to go out-of-state for university, I decided to embrace this gritty city for what it is and find the lotus blooms rising from its murky surface.
                  Once in a blue moon, I haunt Baker’s Keyboard lounge

              Open mic nites.  My lord, where do I get the gumption? I still enjoy participating in the occasional jam session if I can gather up the necessary courage.  And where are all the poets in this city?! I need to investigate where they are all hiding…
                Venues for good old adventure include, Cliff Bells, Planet Ant, The Belmont – especially when they serve kielbasas w/the works @ 3am to hungry drunks – Goldfish Tea, The DIA, The CAID and many many more. I miss Amsterdam Espresso a victim of the Forest Arms fires back in Feb.
                I love writing, jazz, travel, riding the DPM, and tea.   Sometimes I skip out on lectures and head to a favorite teahouse to enjoy my Oolong.  I pretend that I am in England and observing TeaTime.  We should totally have a national teatime!  I will be blogging on good tea houses.
                And fooood.  With the gastronomical possibilities, why hasn’t Anthony Bourdain come here yet?! He’s been to Cleveland, people. cleveland.  Harvey Pekar can only carry a city’s legacy for so long.   I do love Tony.  I admire his BAMF qualities. 
                I’m geeked to start Blahhhging.

Have we met?

What’s going on, Detroit? I thought I should pop in here briefly to introduce myself as I am giong to be one of the new contributors to the Detroit Metblogs scene. I’m hoping to bring a unique perspective to the blog and (hopefully) provide y’all with some interesting stuff to occupy your mind with while you’re reading this from your cubicle.

I’m a Michigan native who is returning from spending a year (give or take) in Los Angeles. I’ve graduated from Grand Valley State University, over by Grand Rapids, and decided that a life in the BIG city was in order for me. NYC didn’t win because, frankly, it still snows there and I thought I wanted a change from everything I knew. Sunny skies, plastic people, and an urban culture unlike anything I had experienced in college or growing up in my farming community were definitely what the doctor ordered. But, I found out that my family and friends were much more important to me than I was originally counting on… I couldn’t just pack up and leave everyone behind! Because fate has a funny way of working, I ended up moving to the Detroit area (Warren to be exact) with a roommate for a lot less rent than I was paying in LA.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss LA like crazy, but I’m hoping that the trade-off of being closer to friends and family will pay off in the end and I’ll always have the experience under my belt. As for now though – I’m unemployed and in a city that I’m not all that familiar with. So this is my time to make it count and get to know the area, I guess. I’ll be planning on bringing you a perspective of someone who’s new to the area and, to borrow a phrase from high school English teachers, a contrast and comparison between life in the D and what things were like out in LA.

I don’t think it will be easy adjusting to my new old way of life… but it’s something that I’m willing to do and share in the process with you. So stick around and see what happens as I attempt to wrangle my way around Detroit and adjust to the way things operate out here. On the flip, I’ll also dig my nose into some of the cultural happenings around and see what I can post for everyone’s enjoyment about cool events, news happenings, and stuff like that to make Detroit Metblogs one of your go-to sources for Detroit related info.

Thanks to everyone for taking your time out to read this, and thanks to the existing team at Metblogs for allowing me on here to share my voice/experiences with everyone. Keep your eyes peeled for my posts, and I’ll be seeing you around.

Bad Boy Bill at Bleu


Last Friday I was appalled to have had to wait in line to get into a club downtown.  I spent my entire university undergraduate career waiting in lines in subzero temperatures with very little on.  These days, I love seeing demand in Detroit with the bright eyed youth waiting the same way I did, but I love also just being able to get into where I want without delay.  Lucky for me the wait to get into Club Bleu was well worth the wait, the $20 cover, and the $4 bottles of water.  DJ Bad Boy Bill was headlining and spinning house to a packed club.  The music was incredible and the devotion of the crowd bordered on worship.  Moral of the story: I need to get over myself, wait in a line or two, and swallow my pride when I am floored by my reward. 

Feather Bowling and Britney Spears

Just a couple of blocks down the street from the Blue Pointe Restaurant, on Cadieux, is the appropriately named Cadieux Café.  Last night, one half of the bar was being regaled by a very enthusiastic young man singing Britney Spears’ “Toxic” up on the karaoke stage.  Wednesday nights are karaoke nights.  The other half of the bar is where the feather bowling takes place.  Imagine giant wheels of Gouda being rolled down a dirt half-pipe to get as close to a pigeon feather as possible.  Quite a hilarity with inexperienced bowlers and added alcohol. 

Blue Pointe Restaurant – Eating My Way Through Detroit

As of late it seems that I have been eating my way through Detroit.  Well, to be honest and invite shame, I have been eating my way through the city since I got here.  Last night I was introduced to Blue Pointe on the east side – at Cadieux and Warren.  I have driven by that corner a thousand times and never noticed the blue maritime style gem.  The interior is perfectly preserved, old fashioned, with a bar, in dark wood, and bathed in dim lighting.  The $16 and change one pound crab leg special was the draw, and was well worth the trip; but, the fall off the bone ribs will be what gets me back. 

Metroblogging Detroit Needs New Writers

Hi there Detroiters,

As you can tell if you have us on your Google Reader or other mode of RSS, we haven’t been doing much lately.

Sorry. We’ve been busy, and we lost a few writers. So now we need some new ones!

If you’re interested in writing for this modest little blog, if you’re a photographer who wants to find a larger audience, or if you’re both, then we’d love to have you begin writing for Metrobloggin’ Detroit.

If you’re interested, email me at this address (it’s the address for my other blog). You can be a seasoned writer who wants a new outlet or a beginner who wants some experience or just someone who likes to write about Detroit–the only qualification is that you don’t mind doing it for free.

Actually, the other qualification is the simple interest in writing about anything about Detroit. If you fit both, send me an email and we’ll get you started.

Thanks a million,

Red, White, and Red Again

Happy Canada Day


I look forward to crossing the Ambassador Bridge to go celebrate on Canadian soil.  The waterfront fair has been calling my name for the past couple of weeks.  I want to get on the Ferris wheel in Windsor and see Detroit sparkle across the river. 

IRS Cheque Guilt

I just received my economic stimulus cheque in the mail.  I felt a little guilty as this money could have been put to good use in social programs in city.  I feel even worse about the money spent on two mailings to let us know that the cheque was on the way.  However, we do not always get to decide exactly where we want our money to go, so I suppose if I could always give to the social program of my choice.  However, I decided on actually using this money for what it was intended to do: stimulate the economy.  I will use this money to help open my own business.  This will hopefully have a lasting positive effect on the local economy versus a one time purchase. 

Going Greek: Caesars Windsor

The highways leading into Detroit city are now peppered with distinctive burgundy, black, and gold billboards advertising big name acts to be appearing at “Caesars” Casino.  I was horrified and excited all at the same time that the Detroit-Windsor area was getting another casino to add to its collection of four.  Across the river one can see the Caesars name across two of the tallest buildings in Windsor – one being formerly labeled Casino Windsor.  Casino Windsor is being re-branded and expanded as Caesars Windsor.  Our collection remains stagnant at four.  I am pleased that this new venue will host shows to draw a crowd more diverse to the area.  I hope Cirque du Soleil makes a stop at some point. 

Thanks for the memories

After being a volunteer author on Detroit Metblogs for over two and a half years, I have decided it is time for me to move on to something new. As such, this will be my last post on the site. Before I go, I want to say thank you to the readers of the site, and to the crew at Metroblogging HQ for sharing their wisdom relating to blogging and life in general. A very special thanks goes out to the volunteer authors and captains that have come and gone since the site first launched; I enjoyed working with all of you and wish you nothing but success and happiness in the future!

It has been a fun and illuminating experience, metro Detroit. In the words of Fall Out Boy (or Bob Hope, if you’re Old School): Thanks for the memories.

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