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International Jazz Fest this weekend

If you’re staying in town this Labor Day weekend, take advantage of Detroit’s International Jazz Festival, which begins Friday and runs through Monday.

Summer’s End

Sunset at my grandparents’ camp in Maine. Moments like this make me wonder why I keep returning to Detroit. It is a different pace of life in Maine and I enjoy the contrast my two “homes” provide me.

Yes, my cousins are playing video games but at least they are outside.


We now have a group over at Look for Metroblogging Detroit to join. We’ll post info on events when we get around to planning one.

Gas over $3/gallon in Detroit area

Well, it’s official: gas prices have gone over $3.00 a gallon in metro Detroit. Although has a lot of stations listing $2.99 a gallon, there are a few in the northern suburbs that are at $3.08 and $3.06.

Looks like I’ll be dusting of the old bike tomorrow…

Open Letter

To the jackasses who broke my window thanks for sticking around long enough for us to get your plate number. We gave it to the cops and they know who you are. And come on – there isn’t much of a resale market for Moxie in Detroit. Not worth the $200 window repair, considering we caught you before you could steal anything.

To the Detroit PD – You guys rock! Showed up twice in ten minutes – once after the initial break-in and then when the idiots drove by again.

Potholes: “a local reaction”

Perhaps more than any other city in the union and certainly more than any other city I have lived in; Detroit has a love/hate relationship with construction on her road ways. I once had a pothole swallow my car whole, only to spit me out on the other side with a rim that looked like a pancake with a bite taken out. $80 later I was back on the road with a new foot in the right front corner. (I returned a few days later to the fissure in the Earth

New Orleans

[written Monday morning]

Right now as I write this New Orleans is being buffeted by by one of the most spectacular displays of fury nature can concoct. To see one of America’s jewels; a favorite little sister going through so much pain is difficult. The damage in the wake of Katrina will be great. However; what I have learned after watching hurricanes streak sideways through the atmosphere in Houston; and after seeing America unite to help New York and D.C. – is that New Orleans will heal.

If she listens carefully in the minutes following the storms raging, she will here a second wave approaching fast and hard – that wave is the volunteers, the aid and the love of her extended family; and it will crash down upon her with greater fury than the wave of destruction which preceeded it.

Stay strong, our prayers, condolances, and support are with you!

89X Homeboy Show

I was at the Bull Frog Bar and Grill in Redford last Wednesday for the 98X Homeboy Show. I was much impressed by Intoned and Catalog Only. The 89X website was not all that helpful as the Homeboy Show page is under construction. From what I gathered from the radio however it seems as if this is a regular Wednesday night event so go out, support our local talent, and perhaps they will play more shows at the Magic Stick.

City council positions to remain at-large, at least for now

Detroiters for Reform, a grasssroots organization that was aiming to change how Detroit City Council members are elected to their positions did not get the required amount of signatures to have their proposed measure put on the upcoming November ballot.

Currently, Detroit’s nine council members are elected at large; Detroiters for Reform was trying to get a proposal on the ballot that would call for council members to be elected by specified, assigned districts, rather than by any Detroit citizen.

This is not the first time an initiative like this has failed.

The group has until May 9, 2006, to get the rest of the signatures if it would like to have the initiative put on the August 2006 primary ballot.

Our thoughts and hopes are with you, NOLA

From all of us at Detroit Metblogs, please know that you’re in the forefront of our minds. Please stay safe and healthy; we know the resolve of your city and it’s people, and we know you’ll pull through.

For all of you wellwishers, here’s a link to the NOLA Metblogs:

Hang in there!
– from your friends and cohorts in Detroit.

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