Stop ripping me off

I am preparing for my move into Detroit later this month. Since relocating from Maine, I have lived in the suburbs of Detroit, so I am excited to finally move into downtown. I

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  1. baliad (unregistered) on August 4th, 2005 @ 6:57 am

    i read an article that said detroit car insurance rates are the highest in the country… ours is practically $1200 higher than the next big city… sheesh…

  2. Bobby (aka UrbanTiki) (unregistered) on August 4th, 2005 @ 8:13 am

    I gave my man your number, Mel — he’ll be calling you soon.

  3. baliad (unregistered) on August 4th, 2005 @ 8:20 am

    i’m moving to detroit in october, mind letting me know who you decide to go with so i can look into things as well???

  4. MGal (unregistered) on August 4th, 2005 @ 8:36 am

    Absolutely.. I should know in about a week – my insurance expires a few days after I move as it is.

  5. WanderingMonkey (unregistered) on August 4th, 2005 @ 10:29 am

    AAA was giving us the cheapest rates suprisingly.

    doesn’t help that i’m a liability

  6. Detroit_Luveur (unregistered) on August 4th, 2005 @ 11:01 am

    Don’t underestimate the mighty DDOT. :)

  7. Jaime Halaas (unregistered) on August 7th, 2005 @ 1:07 pm

    I live in the city and have a year-old Audi A4. My car insurance is $2200 a year, which I don’t think is that bad. I was paying $1800 in Royal Oak two years ago. While factors like your age and where you live cannot be changed, having a clean driving record and excellent credit are things that will help keep your premium lower in Detroit. Good luck and remember to shop around – some of the quotes I got initially for the city of Detroit were between $3500 and $5000 per year, and were based on the same factors as my current $2200 policy was.

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