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Goodbye, Maryann

Longtime city council member (and current president) Maryann Mahaffey announced the end of re-election campaign. Mahaffey is battling chronic, nonfatal, t-cell leukemia, which apparently is the cause for her recent hospitalizations. She has served on the Detroit City Council for 31 years.

With Mahaffey out of the race, voters will elect at least three new City Council members. It is not unreasonable to expect a fourth new name as Bates is running low in the pack of now 17 candidates. This may just be the shake up Detroit needs to get back on track.

For more information on Mahaffey’s 31 years of service, check out the Freep’s article today. (link)

One last Atlanta observation

The Atlanta airport is a main pass through for our soldiers overseas, particularly those coming home on RR from Iraq. On Thursday, a small group arrived from overseas and was greeted with a rousing ovation from other passengers. There were also a lot of soldiers waiting to return to duty.

The thing that struck fellow travelers and myself was how young the soldiers are. I am fully aware most soldiers are late teens and early twenties, but it is not till you meet them that you remember how young that really is. Yet they are doing the hard job. There was an air of sadness over many of the soldiers and even an air of tiredness.

In all of this, it reminded me that we don’t thank our soldiers enough for what they do.


Youthville Detroit


Youthville Detroit, the largest comprehensive youth development center in the midwest, will open its doors to the public on October 8th, 10am – 6pm.

The 75,000 square-foot, $15.8 million facility is a project of the Detroit Youth Foundation, and seeks to provide youth ages 11-19 with a central and safe location to learn and play. Activities and offerings will include mentoring, computer labs for digital photos/movies, a recording studio, art, music and classes, fitness/sports, academic support and more. Additionally, the center will house 10-12 youth and family service organizations.

The October 8th open house will provide parents the opportunity to register their children ($25 for an annual membership). For more information, visit the Detroit Youth Foundation or call (313) 309-1300. Or stop by for a look at the southwest corner of Woodward and Lothrop.

Motor City Sports Magazine

Motor City Sports Magazine, a monthly magazine focusing on “Michigan only” sports, will launch next month. If you’re looking for a magazine devoted to the Pistons, Lions, Red Wings, Tigers, UM, MSU and other Michigan teams, this is for you. Features in the October issue include an interview with new Pistons coach Flip Saunders, a story on the four most important men in Red Wings history and a look into the 2005 NCAA basketball season.

There will be a launch party at O’Tooles in Royal Oak on October 3rd at 6pm, with Tom Kowalski and WDFN. Also, free stuff — the magazine, t-shirts, food and a chance to win a year subscription. Be sure to check out the Big Games Giveaway and enter to win tickets to OSU/UM, Pistons/Knicks, Red Wings/Avalanche and more.

Who are you rooting for?

The always-emotional Michigan/Michigan State football rivalry is this Saturday, and buzz about the game has been building all week – or, for some of you die-hard football fans, buzz has been building since last year’s game : >

So, I have to ask: who are you rooting for, and why?

High Sticking at Campus Martius – Duck the Boules

The Detroit Petanque Club was joined today at Campus Martius Park by the Canadian Hockey Team – the Molson Sportsmen for a little game of boules. Of course all the padding these guys were wearing [see photo] didn’t help their pointing, BUT we did feel the need to give them a few points because of the threat of high-sticking! Catch more news about the Detroit Petanque Club in today’s Detroit Free Press article (Community Section – Detroit) or see the text version here. Big Tournament on October 8th – it’s free to enter – and fun! Check out the webpage for details.

Love the city

Tony in Atlanta reminded me of a terrific quote from a speech William McDonough made in 2003. He quotes the mayor of Curitba, Brazil responding to complaints about outsiders using city services.

When we begin to love the children, we must love all of the children. And if the city does not love these children too, then these children will grow up hating the city. And if these children hate the city, they will destroy the city.

Often in Detroit, things can degrade to suburb versus city. Daily it seems Patterson and Kilpatrick are trading barbs about how the other’s residents are ruining the quality of life for their residents. The fact of the matter is Detroit can not survive without the suburbs and the suburbs cannot survive without the city. They may think they can but this is a community – we must work together to grow more jobs, a stronger economy and develop a quality of life that all people deserve. Whether you decide to live in the diversity of the city or the quiet of the suburb is a decision you make -it may reflect some important things in your life but in no way does it mean you are a better or worse person.

Cold Stone Creamery now open

Greektown’s newest tenant, Cold Stone Creamery, has officially opened its doors.

Cold Stone – known for mixing fun ingredients into ice cream in a method that reminds me of the mortar and pestle – features delectable ice cream concoctions and a fun atmosphere.

If you’ve never been to a Cold Stone, go check it out. My one piece of advice: leave a tip – you’ll get a kick out of how the employees say thank you.

River Rouge “Dream Cruise”

You’ve heard of trainspotting, and of course the Woodward Dream-Cruise – but what about all of the huge ships that ply the canals and rivers in and around Detroit? No Romance in that you may think? Well think again matey, because if you have the right spot (namely the River Rouge bridge on Jefferson Ave.) then you can get close enough to these giants to almost board them!

Today’s photo link is of the Adam E. Cornelius, which has quite an illustrious history of firsts, and some close calls. It is the largest vessel built in the toledo shipyards, and the first to have its bridge and accomodations aft (I think that means in the rear). Its tall tower also struck I-75 at one time!


Last night, I attended a screening of the new movie Serenity. I have to agree with Wayan in DC that you should wait for the DVD, but I will also say you should see the film. This film will be a cult classic in the near future even beyond the fans of the original tv show.

The film is based on Joss Whedon’s Firefly tv series. I vaguely remember the show as I think my younger brother used to watch it. I hear true fans really enjoy the film, so that could be something to consider before the movie.

I have not seriously laughed so hard in my life in while. The film was so tongue-in-cheek bad, so full of cliches that you enjoyed the fun. I even caught myself saying “I’d rent this” and then thinking, no actually I’d probably own it for the easy access to laughs. There are some serious moments that seem a tad contrived. Overall, a rousing good time.

PS. I saw this film at a bloggers screening in Atlanta. In exchange for seeing the film, you are suppose to blog about it. (Good marketing tool) So anyone ever done this in Detroit, because I haven’t heard of this there yet….

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