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Super Bowl Volunteers Needed

The World is Coming – Get in the Game is coordinating a major Super Bowl clean-up event on October 22 from 9 am – 1 pm.

If you’d like to help ensure that Detroit is looking its best in time for the huge February football event, register here.

For more information, check out the post I wrote about this event yesterday on my own blog, Girl in the D.

Hope to see you there!

Cass Cafe desserts = brilliant

I had to mention this because I don’t often find good places for dessert. The last two times I’ve gone to Cass Cafe, I’ve ordered the same dessert because it is amazing and you’re doing yourself a huge disservice if you’re not there right now eating three of them. The Grand Chocolate Finale (unfortunately, I might have to check the name on that — I just eat it, I don’t read) is a dark chocolate cake with heaven inside. And the turtle cheesecake is good, too.

Of course, I will endorse the restaurant as a whole, I’ve had lots of great meals there. I especially enjoyed the blackened chicken breast and the hummus. Full bar with selections from Motor City Brewing, cool artwork that changes often, just a fun place to be. Go here for directions, menu, hours, etc.

Also, if you’re so inclined, let me know what else is good. I need to start expanding my roster of restaurants.

Atlanta Rocks

I am just getting in from a meetup with our Atlanta metblog counterparts, Dan and Tony. A nice night out which included beer and an absolutely hilarious film. I promise more tomorrow but now I must get some sleep…. or else I’ll be sleeping through my meetings tomorrow.

Switchfoot at Majestic

Switchfoot is alternativish, and has a good vibe IMHO. They will be playing at the Majestic theater October 28th at 7pm. Ticket information availible here. I will be the guy with the bald head and the shirt. For more info about the band, check out their site.

bad roads, good business

I spent the better part of an afternoon at Belle Tire geeting four new feet for my decrepit Cougar. After watching as much Judge Hacket and Maury Povich as I could stand, reading the Detroit News from front to back, and a half dozen cigarettes; I started looking at the advertising material in the showroom/waiting room. They had a display where you could push a lever to feel the difference between a good shock and a bad one. The caption underneath said something to the effect of, “If you live in Michigan, you probably have bad shocks.” As soon as I finish this post, I am going to do research to see if there is a Belle Tire lobby in Lansing.

[author’s note: for the record, my experience with Belle Tire was not too shabby…I wasn’t working with the “employee of the month” by any stretch, but the price wasn’t bad and the tires were round and bumpy]

The Name Game

It looks like we have another name change on our hands.

Last week, Federated Department Stores announced that all 11 of its metro Detroit stores will shed their Marshall Field’s titles and become Macy’s stores by October, 2006.

Personally, the name change doesn’t bother me – it hasn’t been in the Detroit area long enough for me to have feelings about it, and it isn’t related to Detroit like Hudson’s was. Actually, I have never really called Marshall Field’s stores “Marshall Field’s” anyways – I still refer to them as Hudson’s (just like I still refer to DTE Energy Music Theater as Pine Knob).

Our friends in Chicago, though, where Marshall Field’s originated, are more likely shaken by this recent news. The flagship location of Field’s in the State Street building in Chicago has a deep, rich history, much like the original Hudson’s store had in Detroit. (If you have a minute, check out this post from a Chicago Metblogger, who talks about the Tiffany glass mosaic in the State Street Building. Pictures are included, as well.)


Much too early tomorrow, I’ll be headed to the airport for yet another business trip. This time Atlanta bound. As usual, I am not packed or remotely ready. Oh well.

Happily, I am meeting up with the Atlanta Metblog crew tomorrow. Yea!

Hungarian Club – Delray

The area of Delray (along Jefferson Avenue – south of Clark Street) was once a lively community for Polish and Hungarian immigrants. They worked in the auto and steel factories that lined the nearby Detroit River and relaxed in clubs like these [see photo]. Those factories are mostly closed and the traces of this community have wandered – some not too far. In the nearby town of Wyandotte (further south) is a large population of the diaspora of Hungarians from Delray. Hungarian Kitchen (in Wyandotte for year but recently closed) used to be located in Delray. Rose Butka, its owner, offered a daily changing menu of simple, but delicious and authentic food of her homeland and old Delray. Chicken paprikas, little dumplings, and all of the yummy pastries that you can

Grande ol’ home

The Detroit News has an interesting article on redevelopment of Brush Park this morning. They argue the redevelopment is failing as more buildings remain abandoned and neglected than are fixed.

Considering the state of many of the mansions, I can only imagine the cost involved in rehabbing the buildings. At the same time, it is a shame to see so many amazing old buildings abandoned and decaying.

So the question is what should happen to Brush Park?

Woodward work

Stand in Campus Martius and you can see a couple of the new projects going on downtown. Interesting how quick some buildings go up and how slow others are going up.

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